Saturday, November 26, 2022


People, organizations and societies are all integral systems that are defined by components and their compositions, and show the interconnectivity between parts and the whole.

Systems Thinking is about understanding interrelationships between parts and the whole. It helps digital leaders and professionals discover the interconnectivity and interdependence of the digital business ecosystem, help them get behind the "surface" validity and give them deeper insight into the nuances of why and how, and ensure that the digital business as an organic system is growing and evolving with its environment in harmony.


Interdisciplinary Logic & Views

Initiateinterdisciplinaryview With the rapid growth of information, change is continuously happening and spiraling up in such a dynamic environment. Whether we can set a progressive tone to make a transition from survival to thriving depends on how we make the mind shift to behavior shift.

Interdisciplinarylogic Given the complexity, interdependence, and uncertainty of the business world, more often than not, lack of knowledge and scarcity of insight lead to ineffectiveness of organizational change.

Initiatelogicalunderstanding Business world becomes over-complex and hyper-connected, logic enables us to uncover patterns and understand the cause-effect and interconnectivity of related issues underneath the surface. The digital leaders and professionals today need to be in a continuous learning mode, develop strong logic skills, to infer and defer, preliminarily understand the extent of any problems or conditions, grasp truths, facts, meanings, or relationships in order to handle varying complex issues effectively.

Initiativesoflogicizing The business world is diverse, nonlinear, and ambiguous today, the multifaceted perspectives unfold into a wider multi-dimensionally enhancing business growth & balance continuum As organizations or human societies turn to be more hyper-connected, and interdependent. Business logic becomes nonlinear, organizational leaders and professionals apply a multidimensional thinking box to understand business context and sustain diversified viewpoints into holistic perspectives without enlarging decision gaps and causing too many side effects. As a matter of fact, running an effective business is fundamentally about how to apply logic to solve problems, large or small on a daily basis, enhance business growth and balance cycles smoothly.

Innovationinitiatives Running a business is about creating multifaceted value and moving forward. The very goal of business initiative management is to set the right priority, align key success factors of the business, such as talent, resource, process, capability, capacity to build organizational capability for achieving business value.

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