Friday, November 25, 2022


A truly innovative "story of the future" can literally spur creativity and catalyze transformative changes.

Modern society is a dynamic continuum with collective human progress. Real societal advancement is made through the work of forwarding-looking mindsets, updated knowledge, creative activities, and progressive changes. Forethoughtful leaders and professionals need to ponder deeper: Why do innovations happen and what are key ingredients to drive them? How to identify innovators? Where are the hotspots to take innovation initiatives, how to connect the wider dots for spurring creative ideas and accelerate innovation performance?

Innovation & authenticity: Authenticity is the original force to boost creativity, and creativity is an art to convey authenticity. Being authentic means to be who you are, be yourself; keep discovering yourself – your natural talent, innate drive, creative novelty, as a unique being, see all the different parts of oneself and how they operate to develop creativity. It has to do with discovering that source within and bringing it out into the world, keeping ideas flowing frictionlessly. When you are authentic, keep minds flowing, release creative energy, out of this comes a beautiful thing -plenty of seeds of creativity, the freedom of choice.

In fact, innovation competency developed based on authenticity and natural talent via a series of activities and resources make people feel more confident and effortless to inspire innovation. An open mind leads to innovation for societal advancement. Innovators have the ability to think about the past, perceive what is now and foresee the future in pursuit of innovative advancement. The angle from which they view innovation determines how they identify and categorize similarities and differences among the many faces of creativity, in order to amplify innovation impact holistically.

Innovation & advancement: Innovation is not for its own sake, but for advancing humanity globally. Innovation today asks for a more advanced mindset, global consciousness, and cognitive intelligence, etc. The most advanced mind with great vision is the one which relates itself to a purpose greater than itself, and contributes to the collective human progress in pursuit of advancement.

The advancement can become more reachable when we appreciate each other’s strength, share each others’ viewpoint, complement each other’s capability; understand each other empathetically. In fact, the advanced mind is the brainpower and driving force behind any kind of societal advancement. It’s always important to set principles for building common ground, and lifting each other via mutual trust. The advanced innovation journey gets to the inflection point when you not only absorb knowledge, but also criticize old knowledge, co-create new knowledge, develop creativity and nurture innovation.

Innovation & aptitude
: Human Being is a combination of intelligence and emotion or in simpler terms core aptitude and layers of attitude. Aptitude implies intelligence & logic which decides what is right for innovation. The aptitude of innovators can be demonstrated by their cognitive intelligence, learning agility, and problem-solving competency. Innovation aptitude is important because innovators are truth-seeking, willing to change their views and are accountable for solving a set of problems creatively.

In the organizational setting, business innovation can amplify its effect by manifesting creativity from an individual endeavor to a collective team effort, and expand the horizon of innovation. Highly innovative organizations are better equipped to manage innovation by allocating time and resources to the people in charge. Thus, collaboratively, innovation aptitude is based on the overall business competency to manage innovation with a set of methodological platforms, processes, tools, structures, and talent, allowing businesses to clarify the logic of sequence and consequence for improving innovation excellence.

From the past to the present, strong innovation leaders create momentum, lead the world forward with leapfrogging transformation. A truly innovative "story of the future" can literally spur creativity and catalyze transformative changes. The theme of innovation is the theme of organizational evolution. The contemporary society is a hyper-connected and interdependent ecosystem that can synchronize its functions and parts, release creative energy, create synergy, and make advanced movement in a consistent way.


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