Sunday, November 20, 2022

Initiate Analytics

It is the aggregation of information and the refinement of the information that creates the intelligence required to forecast the future and define the rules to drive the business transformation.

The aim of modern Information Management has often been described as getting the right information to the right person, in the right format and medium, at the right time, in order to make the right decisions. 

The value of information technology is qualitative, measurable, and defined uniquely by an organization.   

Initiate Analytics

Information Intensive Innovation Excellence Organizations across the industrial sectors are faced with exponential growth of information, high velocity, fierce competition, and continuous disruptions. It’s important to do data investigation or any attempt at understanding the business context, refined business insight based on reliable information and advanced analysis. The goal is to improve decision effectiveness, harness innovation and achieve high performance.

Initiateadvancedanalytics Compared to traditional organizations operated a couple of decades ago, today’s companies are inundated with heavy information flow with increasing volume, velocity, variety and diverse context, some structural, some un-structural; some current, some outdated. Information based analysis helps businesses uncover patterns, capture customer insight, or business foresight, make more effective decisions and lead transformative change

Initiateadvancedanalysis With “VUCA '' digital new normal, to survive the fierce competition and thrive with the long-term business advantage involve more planning, adaptation, and speed. Information-based analytics helps the management understand the business inside out and generate insight across the enterprise, consolidate, integrate and optimize the business process; do scientific workforce planning, customer sentiment analysis, and make objective assessment of organizational effectiveness, efficiency, and maturity.

Unveallcreanalytics Creativity is an innate process to generate novel ideas; analytics is to leverage data for making better decisions. Creativity and analytics seem to be opposite on the surface, but to dig deeper, being creative does not necessarily mean you lack analytics skill. In fact, a creative person is good at uncovering patterns via creative logic, and business professionals cannot be good at being analytical without creativity.

Initiatepeoplecentricworkforceanalysis We are experiencing rapid change and exponential knowledge growth in the hyper-connected and interdependent digital world. Digital workforce today is more informative, global, flexible, and hybrid. People are human assets and capital that need to be invested continually. Talent analytics will bring business leaders, workforce management together across the organization to share their experience and insight wherever there is a gap in the business system, to build a culture of analytics, manage talent and business as a whole effectively and intelligently.

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