Wednesday, November 9, 2022


 People need to keep their mind open and their energy high, to continue unleashing their full potential and reach the next level of professional fitness.

Modern society has the very characteristics of hyper-diversity, interdependence, and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Professional development is a journey that is not a straight-line, but more as a spiral up cycle that expands into the new horizon extensively. 

All generations need to realize they should keep refreshing their mindset, learn from each other, and continually reach up toward the next level of professional competencies, run a successful business and an advanced society.

Next level of inclusiveness can be reached via idea-richness and vision-clarity: In many traditional organizations, the higher the hierarchy, the more homogenous the workforce is.That perhaps creates a silo mentality and stifles innovation. We are stronger through appreciating diversity and advocating inclusions, it allows us to explore options that homogeneous groups might not have uncovered. People with an inclusive mentality are curious and receptive to improvisation and experimentation with a positive intention to embrace inclusiveness and advocate innovation.

The workforce today is hyper-diverse, with cognitive differences, varying personalities & strength, and multiple culture backgrounds. Collectively, an inclusive organization is immersive, informative, interactive, interdependent, collaborative. Inclusive leaders can shape clear vision by integrating diverse viewpoints, inspire great ideas via brainstorming and collective insight. They can use the diversity of ideas as a rich source of connectivity and relationship, to harness all the spontaneity of interaction the group is capable of generating, for reaching the next level of idea management and innovation excellence.

Autonomy, consistency, and resilience are crucial to lift up to the higher level of accountability:
Professionals are responsible for their actions. They should be accountable to their company, to themselves or to their associates. Accountability is a part of personal integrity, it goes hand in hand with the delegation of authority or power, to advocate the digital style of autonomy and self-management. “You will be held accountable” is on the face of it, you have the freedom to do whatever needs to be done, and take the responsibility to ensure you do your best to bring about a good outcome, foster a trustful environment, work across multiple functional silos, to enforce accountability.

Consistency enforces trust and increases credibility, accountability. Autonomy enables professionals to be self driven, have an ownership mentality to make accomplishment proactively. The true measure of accountability is resilience by assessing how quickly people can recover so that customers, teammates, and others aren't negatively affected by the breakdown. If you ensure the individuals have autonomy within their tasks or initiatives, you will be able to address performance on an equal partnership basis, encourage people to focus on who they are, pursue autonomy, and reach the next level of accountability.

Advanced mindset, creativity, knowledge proficiency, etc, are critical traits to reach a higher level of professional digital fit: People are often the very purpose, also the weakest link in running a successful organization. Thus, people's fitness is the most impactful part of the overall organizational fitness and maturity. Either individually or collectively, you need both best fit employees and high-performing teams. Professional fitness is based on how people think and what they are doing, their cognitive capacity and learning agility.

Sometimes, it’s not easy to bring all talented people and mold them into an effective team. Too often, leaders are allowed to complain generically about what they mean by skill and competency gaps and they pick the symptoms, not dig through the root causes. From rational thinking, linear skills to multidimensional intelligence, integral professional capabilities, people become more fluent, intuitive and productive in what they are thinking and doing, to reach the higher level of professional fit.

People need to keep their mind open and their energy high, to continue unleashing their full potential and reach the next level of professional fitness. High professionals are information savvy to make sound judgments; they are skillful to get the work done and deliver high quality results consistently; they can make a positive influence on surroundings and bring wisdom to the workplace constantly.


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