Sunday, November 27, 2022


It's imperative to deepen understanding of global issues contextually and dealing with common challenges cross-industry or cross-geographical locations smoothly.

 The global world we live in is in the digital paradigm shift due to increasing pace of changes and abundant information growth. It is a strategic imperative for today’s leaders and professionals to embrace the broader view of global society, shape a clear vision, and co-set a global innovation agenda.

In practice, the progress of the world needs to be pulled together and pushed forward by innovators, change agents across the globe, who can think globally, understand the cause-effect of many complex problems facing global society, in order to co-solving them smoothly.

Business leaders and professionals can develop global cognition, share the well-blended insight and foresight from a global lens: The world is diverse; global leaders and professionals must be open minded to appreciate all sorts of meaningful, tasteful, and informative things cross-boundarily. There's a discrepancy between subjective perception and reality; this is particularly true in the global team setting. The variety of perspectives opens our mind, and harnesses the values that each of us can bring to the table for reimagining a better global society.

Problem-solving at the global scope requires a mindset with curiosity, inclusiveness, intellectual sophistication and cultural empathy, etc. Developing world class insight and global foresight requires holistic thinking, strategic reasoning, systems understanding, and forecasting capability. It’s important to shape a global mindset which involves a personal intention to focus on being global, with cognitive abilities such as cultural empathy, learning agility, broaden their perspective of global society, deepen understanding of global issues, and set a directional guide for handling complex global issues in a structural way.

Being a truly global professional means you expand the horizon, improve interdisciplinary knowledge proficiency, build global capability & competency: Being global is about crossing not just geographical borders but also cultural divides between business, government, and social sectors. It’s critical to develop cultural empathy, accumulate a variety of professional & life experience, develop unique competencies and skills for solving global level problems.

Professional competency is more related to knowledge and skill for particular work; the performance and the outcome. Global competency is a unique set of capabilities with focus to solve complex problems at the global scopes. Global professionals can view complex global problems, engage effectively with multiple internal and external stakeholders worldwide, gain universal understanding of crucial problems, build competitive teams to co-solve certain issues we all concern about effectively.

It often takes cross functional collaboration and interdisciplinary expertise to integrate global knowledge, talent and capacity for scaling innovation:
Global leaders articulate strategic visions, interactive designs, and navigating directions, to integrate global knowledge, cultural heritage, talent diversity into a holistic global innovation system. A harmonized global society has a huge potential to become a highly innovative system in which all sorts of components and ingredients are dynamically integrated into global capacity to generate the art of difference and make a significant impact on societal evolution.

The successful integration will depend on the underlying business relationships between all of the crucial points and how they influence each other in building differentiated business competency. In order to scale up innovation efforts across the boundaries, orchestrate organizational interrelationship by sharing information, bridging gaps, enforcing communication, harnessing collaboration, building trust, and encouraging "self-generated" engagement. Forethoughtful leaders develop new capability to expand global business growth; build working environments in which the global team and virtual team can thrive, gain universal understanding of crucial problems, co-solve certain issues we all concern about, and drive smooth paradigm shifts.

We live in a hyper-connected and interdependent global society in which change is the norm. if we don't make it happen, we're not able to run an advanced global society. Success in the digital world demands both incremental improvement and transformative breakthrough. It's imperative to deepen understanding of global issues contextually and dealing with common challenges cross-industry or cross-geographical locations smoothly.


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