Tuesday, November 29, 2022


It takes the time to learn to feel confident, to be different, to be proud of who we are, authentically.

Due to the exponential growth of information and frequent disruptions, authenticity is not only a leadership quality but a digital professional trait. To move forward from a knowledge economy to a creative economy, keep recirculating imagination and recycling knowledge. 

Authentic leaders have courage to think, decide and act independently; authentic professionals can release positive energy to influence the surroundings.

Authenticity comes from self-awareness, value proposition, and fair judgment: Being authentic is defined as being real or genuine. Real thinking occurs when you are authentic, look for internal understanding in order to find a way to contribute something of value, that is an expression of your understanding based on your personal understanding and experience.

When you are authentic, you are more comfortable to express your opinion, share your perception, bring diverse viewpoints to the table, appreciate those visionary or pathfinder leaders or professionals who can come up with fresh perspectives and envision the trend that others overlook or ignore, and be willing to forge ahead to satisfy the vision.

Being authentic enables individuals to uncover hidden talent and release creative energy: When people are inspired to discover who they are, their inner talent is empowered to grow into who they want to be, they are often on a unique path to shape a growth mindset and develop their creativity. It requires you to live an authentic life, inspire others and get inspired by bigger pictures to solve problems and achieve more.

Everyone is unique, the mind of every individual is different; the actual mental understanding and subsequent manifestations in action will be different for each individual, so authenticity catalyzes creativity, accelerates professional competency development, and generates creative value.

Being "authentic" first and foremost, ensures that your thoughts, voices and actions are in synchronization:
The information exponential era upon us makes things so transparent, being consistent means being true to that in every aspect: thinking, saying and doing. If this standard is internalized, then it should guide behavior, set standards and cultivate a culture of authenticity.

.Authenticity is revealed via consistency, integrity; consistency enhances professionalism and builds trust, makes sound judgment. Business professionals are able to think and act authentically to enhance accountability, increase integrity, build a compelling team with complementary mindsets and skills to achieve high performance. The mindset-attitude-behavior consistency conveys authenticity and improves professional maturity.

Being authentic is defined as being real or genuine. It takes the time to learn to feel confident, to be different, to be proud of who we are, that's the digital fit to be authentic and forward-looking. When we are authentic, keep our minds flowing, release positive energy, we can share fresh insight, lead innovatively and work professionally.


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