Wednesday, November 16, 2022


 Isn't a tough journey to celebrate #10,000 blog postings - to pursue the digital way of brainstorming, innovating and story-telling, take a continuous journey of practicing global leadership?

We live in a global society with enriched knowledge and talent diversity, the variety of perspectives opens our mind, and harnesses the values that each of us can bring to the table. 

With the dynamic of globalization, highly effective global leaders with advanced global mindset can broaden their viewpoints based on enriched global knowledge and cultural empathy; deepening their understanding of complex issues with global contextualism; to create new paradigms which arise out of advanced mindsets, interdisciplinary knowledge, and innovative approach.

An effective global leader must be a strategic visionary to lead global progress: The world becomes hyper-connected and interdependent, the global leaders should be authentic, share their perspective of future global society; their roles in making desired changes, their viewpoint about things or events happening in their surroundings. For cultivating digital leadership with the global mind, look around to find out how to bring leaders closer to integrity and authenticity. Global leaders of the future can feel a sense of urgency, read between the lines, imagine and intuit possibilities in the breakdowns, and build competitive advantage to co-develop a harmonized global society.

At a broader scope, the intention of global leadership is to bridge the multitude of gaps from perception difference to priority preference, from top down to bottom up and middle out, for leading global progress steadfastly. Complex problems require high perception intelligence and usually, cross-boundary coordinate solutions which require integration of different sets of knowledge and fluency across multiple disciplines. It is important to break down silos, apply interdisciplinary lenses to view interconnected and interdependent global society. It needs to determine which competencies or capabilities should be used in which combination, and with what level of weight for each, for dealing with different situations insightfully.

An influential, empathetic communicator to facilitate world-wide dialogues:
A global leader needs to be able to communicate, understand & bridge cultural differences, convey and integrate multifaceted values, facilitate and orchestrate transformative change. Language is just at the very surface of understanding. Empathy is absolutely one of the most critical elements of global leadership. Insightful global leaders are in strong demand to envision, communicate and collaborate with stakeholders of all stripes, set good policies, engage with multiple internal and external stakeholders, customers and partners worldwide effectively.

A new generation of "creative worldwide communicators' ' or “round global ambassadors' ' are in strong demand to close the gaps, lubricate humanity with cross-cultural cognizance. In accomplishing strategic effects throughout the world, global leaders can define a clear communication protocol, take a blended communication approach and methodologies to engage audiences and gain empathy, and motivate people to unleash their potential. Understanding the values and concerns of your audience will facilitate your ability to develop strategic alliances across the globe, in order to solve complex problems holistically and lead global change collaboratively.

A passionate coach to cultivate more authentic global leaders: Great leaders are authentic which means being true to that in every aspect: thinking, saying and doing. Great leaders have abilities to listen & observe; ask probing open questions; facilitate coaching up, sideways and all around. The coach style global leaders can guide the multigenerational, multicultural team upon how to explore their own natural talents, professional competencies, and strength, taking into account their own objectives in line with working needs, in order to unlock human potential and accelerate collective performance cohesively.

It is without a doubt that many global organizations have come to the realization that in order to be successful within their industry, they have to focus their efforts on building people-centric business. Leaders must not only have the roadmap but track the journey along the way. As a coach, you need to listen a lot, ask, prevent, explore, seek commitment, continue to update her/his own knowledge, coach and learn at the same time. They lead by asking: "How would you like to do it"? "Are there any other ways of doing it"? "Which is best to make progressive impact at the global scope?”Etc. It’s always important to clarify a clear vision, set guidelines to lead forward smoothly.

Real societal progress at the global scope is made through the collaborative work of progressive and foreseeable leaders and global business professionals who can figure out how to trend the future, handle conflicts, take care of tough situations, and solve thorny problems smoothly. Dealing with the challenge of the new paradigm requires advanced mindsets, leveraging interdisciplinary knowledge, building inclusive teams, advocating inclusiveness, overcoming common challenges and advancing human society proactively.


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