Saturday, December 31, 2022


The old year is - fading away, gradually; the new year is - coming, at the right timing; shall we look behind, insightfully.

An old year is-

almost behind us,

the new year start-


can we leave-

those outdated knowledge,

negative emotions,

irrational arguments,

unhealthy struggling,

behind us, completely?

Behind complex change,

there is -

a deep learning curve;

behind every problem,

there is -

a relationship dynamic,

out of alignment;

behind breakthrough innovation,

there is -

inspiration, dot-connection,

genius factor, hardworking;

are you able to -

perceive the invisible behind-

the visible,

reinvent -

“lagging behind mindset,”

recognize -

connections & interdependence,

gain sufficient knowledge,

unique insight to -

drive changes, proactively?

Behind an advanced society,

there are-

forthoughtful thinking,

unlimited imagination,

collective wisdom,

collaborative effort,

abundant human potentiality,


Doubts are-

the driving force behind -

artistic creation;

questions are-

the clue behind-

various answers;

benevolence is -

the virtue behind-

fairness, true freedom,

collective evolution.

The old year is -

fading away, gradually;

the new year is -


at the right timing;

shall we look behind,


in order to -

move forward,


Can we-

look around, inquisitively,

in order to-

look beyond, holistically,

for taking the journey of-

change ahead,



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