Sunday, December 18, 2022


We are all sophisticated human beings because we demonstrate unique character and differentiated competency.

Rapid change, abundant information and fierce competition are the new normal. We experience all kinds of situations good and bad in our lives that require moral courage and professional capabilities to deal with smoothly. Professional development is a tough journey with ups & downs, expanding into new horizons smoothly. 

Professional capability developed based on natural talent, logical refinement, personalized training via a series of activities and resources make people feel more confident and effortless. In essence, professional development management consists of a portfolio of capabilities that are developed in various combinations to build a coherent set of professional competencies structurally for advancing the career path holistically.

Uncover hidden logic behind your way of thinking to assess the level of professional competency: You are what you think about. It’s always crucial to refine thoughts as they shape who you are fundamentally, as well as become the very clue about who you could be; how you perceive the world, how you respond to the world as intelligent beings. Each cognitive mind has a perceptual difference. The clarity of thought is based on clear logic and reasoning. When you explore the cognitive process of acquiring new knowledge through thoughts, experiences, and senses - involving abandoning old and establishing new neurological connectivity. How objective and insightful of thoughts depends on the level of cognitive abilities.

The depth and breadth of understanding directly impact decision effectiveness and problem solving competencies of people. Always clarify logic, convey thoughts with the language that people understand. It's critical to close the gap between subjective perception and objective perception, integrate thoughts to address ignorance, close blindspots, minimize assumptions for making sound judgments. Human thought is characterized by expansion in multiple directions, rather than in one direction. Critical thinking and creative thinking working together enables people to see underneath the surface, expand their perspectives to shape a unique vision, interweave their inner wholeness to generate new experience and come up with novel ideas with ingenuity.

Unpuzzle nonlinear logic behind professional competency: People may have years of experience, but their professional competency does not reach the high level of maturity sometimes. Professional capability development is a journey. There is intense learning and frequent knowledge update for knowledge professionals; there are different levels of professional skills and competency development. From linear skills to integral professional capabilities, people become more fluent, intuitive and productive in what they are thinking and doing, and they are more confident to build differentiated professional competency.

Nonlinear understanding, nonlinear experience refinement, interdisciplinary problem-solving are all crucial to build the next level of professional capabilities. To move up toward the high level of professional competency, people need to keep exploring their talent, broadening their relevant skills and deepening their expertise. High professionals should keep integrating the existing capabilities into the more complex capabilities for solving thorny problems and making a high impact. At a higher level, specialized generalists or generalized specialists are more confident to develop interdisciplinary expertise and become high-influential with transcendent capabilities.

Unveil innovative logic for evaluating people’s creative competency
: Innovation is complex, the multiple perspectives of innovative problem-solving include scope, status, talented people with creative mindset, resources, processes, information technology, etc. To recognize innovators, the talent assessors need to be insightful for understanding people deeply: do they present traits or competencies such as authenticity, independent thinking, intellectual curiosity, learning agility, open-mindedness, interdisciplinary knowledge fluency, diverse experiences, empathy, resilience, etc.

Innovation logic is often nonlinear and multipath, involving analysis, synthesis, and retrosynthesis processes at the different phases of innovation. Innovators can think differently, break down conventional thinking boxes; continually challenge what most people understand as normal; generate new knowledge, fresh concepts, invent and innovate fluently.

We are all sophisticated human beings because we demonstrate unique character and differentiated competency. Usually, the capability maturity assessment is based on the scale and scope of problems we can solve independently, and the degree of impact we can make on our surroundings, organizations, or societies based on our own influence power. It’s always crucial to discover our natural talent, investing in the best of breed capability and integrating them into cohesive and unique professional competency.


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