Saturday, December 24, 2022


Being real means -being true to that in -every aspect- thinking, saying and doing, in harmony.

In the world with-

the mix of -

truth and false,

real knowledge & misinformation,

being real is -

like an authentic gem,

keep us -

shining in -

the shadow of confusion;

being real means -

being true to that in -

every aspect-

thinking, saying and doing,

in harmony.

Being real to -

our gut feelings,

defining our true purpose is-

a helpful instrument to -

guide ourselves,

our journey along -

the other dimensions,

to make an influence, uniquely.

Without real understanding,

real problems cannot be diagnosed,


complex problems cannot be -

solved in -

a structural way.

Real thinking is-

the child of -

our imagination;

happening when -

our mind & heart are -

cohesive, looking for-

internal understanding;

conveyed via -

strong communication;

accurate commentation.

Isn’t being real spurring creativity, 

keep our thoughts getting-

out of the old box,

flowing into the time river,

information sea, relentlessly.


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