Saturday, December 31, 2022


The new year is around the corner; step out of the routine transactional activities for a while, renew yourself with new thoughts, deep understanding.

The year almost passed by, what did we learn and what have we accomplished? It’s the last day of the year, it’s also the time to look back and gain lessons learned.

 People always say you shouldn't live in the past; but looking back allows them to learn invaluable lessons, encourage themselves via accomplishment they have achieved, and become well-prepared for the journey ahead in the New Year.

Learn invaluable lessons to draw on, in the past from time to time to prepare for the upcoming new year: Lesson learned is what you learned from what you did in the past year, and that could be what you did right or what you did wrong. If we do not accept our choices and mistakes in the past, or learn from errors/mistakes/shortcomings or whatever we can call, we can never really move forward.

We are what we constantly think and do. It’s important to capture the lessons learned as you go along, together with the decision process that led you to make the choice you did since that provides context for learning, understanding, and improving, capture the fresh perspectives on things that matter, and take the new approach to make improvement.

Learn to understand yourselves and how to know who you are and your own style of thinking, responding, and interacting with surroundings: It’s the end of the year, to create a positive change tomorrow, you need to start today understanding yourself. Not knowing yourselves as best as you can, how can you do any change and aim for a positive change? Changing, understanding, and leading is only possible when you truly know yourself. Who you are and why? Daring to start to find an answer to this question enables anybody to lead oneself and possibly others, renew creative energy and take the journey of change progressively.

People are different, with their subjective perceptions. Some perceive the world as black and white, others see the full spectrum of color. It further reflects into their inner world. So, understand more and more about yourself every day, and be authentic and objective, to become better people or better-integrated leaders.

New Year's Eve is the time to break down some old, let the new emerge, constructively: It’s the end of the year, we need to see what is behind us; it’s the time to break down some old things in order to embrace the new year. Break down the old school of thoughts; break down stereotypes, break down silos by understanding the views from others and improving cross-boundary communication and collaboration.

Breaking down old and reinventing new demands insight, understanding, patience, persistence, and courage. Questioning, challenging long-held beliefs is hard work and is often met with resistance, but isn't that how transformative change comes about. Let go of “the voices from the past,” or the “shadow from the past experiences” and reprogram people's minds with new thinking, beliefs, norms, and attitudes to renew humanity progressively.

The new year is around the corner; step out of the routine transactional activities for a while, renew yourself with new thoughts, deep understanding. Life offers each of us a ton of opportunities to learn about ourselves and learn from others. It is important to look back, then look forward, recharge with fresh energy; have an open mindset to new ideas and perspective, stimulate positive emotions, develop empathy to understand people, show the passion to explore, present optimism for things getting better, and explore the new possibility in the upcoming new year.


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