Thursday, December 29, 2022


It’s always crucial to shape multidimensional viewpoints, tell compelling stories, keep the big picture view interactive and dynamic to lead organizations forward steadfastly.

With an unprecedented level of uncertainties and interdependence, digital leaders and professionals have to frame a growth mindset, learn to use the new lens of the new era, acquire deep thinking and fresh insight for gaining multidimensional views of business context, understanding where you are, where you want to be, understanding interconnectivity of things,

identifying the key business problems or issues, predicting the behavior of the whole from the behavior of the parts; in order to shape a clear view of the future and run a successful business.

It’s great to apply multiple views to understand the future state of the business; thinking of the best view is likely to be less confusing: People often talk about change as though it was uni-dimensional, or a universal commodity, but the type of change makes a huge difference, particularly change that follows vs. change that leads to progression or innovation. To envision and drive effective changes, try to have multiple views to describe the future state. 

The future state is very fluid. It can be defined in the present moment but will change while we are trying to reach it. The visionary view can be unconstrained by your current situation and need not be granular in detail. Try and put the current state into a far corner of your mind and focus on defining what would appear to be the goals of the business in the longer term and how the organization would be structured to meet that smoothly.

It is important to tell the story; and also invite people to tell their own unique story about change as well: In order to inspire people for changes, tell a story; the picture is worth a thousand words; having a story in mind for either static or dynamic visualization is critical to business change success. Science and philosophy are wrapping around with each other, refining human history both theoretically and practically. A good story is philosophical to uncover the truth; scientific to persuade the audience; motivational to drive progression. 

The creative human interpretation process is needed to tell a most likely story about business transformation. It also helps to achieve the maximum visibility of ideators & contributors and showcase success stories to help keep up the motivation level of the audience. Such story-telling improves mutual understanding, creates new knowledge, stimulates innovative ideas, harnesses communication, cooperation, coordination, and collaboration.

It’s great to make the change view interactive, if the picture is dynamic: The interactive view provides contextual insight into the emergent properties, appreciating the interaction and interrelationship dynamic, and making it simple but also visually compelling; leverages an interdisciplinary lens to get the “scope” of the problem, see a bigger picture with interactive pieces and conflict goals; understand the interdependent pieces, what contexts it is used in and which mentalities or behaviors are evoked.

People are able to take an immersive digital scenario for problem-solving in the whole flow of work, and create an interactive environment to inspire change. The interactive view helps to understand the interrelationship dynamic, diagnose the root cause of problems, and ensure that the business as a whole is superior to the sum of parts.

Now with uncertainty around and increasing pace of changes, as well as business variables such as volatile market situations, fierce competition, emerging digital technology trends, overwhelming growth of information, etc, today’s business leaders are capitalizing and operating on digital ecosystems that are expanding. At times, when you only want to see things from your own point of view, see what you want to see, or hear what you want to hear, often you miss the point to holistically understand the real problem and how to solve it systematically. It’s always crucial to shape multidimensional viewpoints, tell compelling stories, keep the big picture view interactive and dynamic to lead organizations forward steadfastly.


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