Monday, December 26, 2022


 Continuous improvement goes hand-in-hand with one of the digital principles, "to learn constantly so we continually improve. 

The digital era upon us is about people-centricity. Self improvement is about inspiring authenticity; growth mind, engagement, and innovation. Improvement cannot happen without change, and change should not happen without improvement.

 “Continuous Improvement” is the digital principle to achieve high professional quality. There will always be some resistance existing psychologically and methodologically, so overcoming resistance is one of the most challenging tasks for making continuous improvement either individually or collectively.

Keep practicing and climb the pyramid of cognitive maturity for leading cognitive progress
: We are what we constantly think and do. Each of us has a defined cognitive threshold - an upper limit to the level of complexity that we can handle at any one time or on any one topic. But we can keep improving cognitive abilities via continuous learning, sharpening multidimensional thought processes to deepen understanding.

Each cognitive mind has a perceptual difference, cognitive gap is one of the serious problems because it disconnects many things which are supposed to be interconnected and causes blind spots for decision-making. Brainstorming or improving communication skills also raises your total cognitive threshold to improve cognitive agility. It’s important to examine your thought processes and make sure they are open to true understanding, strengthen cognitive ability of acquiring knowledge through thoughts, senses, learning and experiences to make effective decisions or sound judgment for reaching a high level of cognitive maturity.

Keep climbing the information-knowledge-insight pyramid to gain wisdom: We live in the complex world with overwhelming growth of information, faster pace of changes, too often, assumptions and prejudices get in the way of in-depth understanding. True understanding requires a person's ability to grasp or comprehend information, refine data into knowledge, abstract knowledge into fresh insight and capture ultimate wisdom. How deep your understanding is based on the mindset, logic, knowledge, lenses, and the methodology you leverage to interpret things.

Knowledge by itself is nothing if you do not understand how to apply it and make it useful for problem-solving. In order to deepen the level of understanding, it’s important to analyze and synthesize information, dig deeper to gain contextual understanding by embracing holism. Effective information -knowledge-wisdom refinement cycle is crucial to broaden varying perspectives, spark innovation, and solve real-world problems seamlessly.

Keep self-developing and climbing a self-actualization pyramid: Either individually or professionally, self-development is the full cycle of self-reflection, self-motivation and self-actualization. People think, create, and self-actualize by architecting themselves, experimenting with new things and exploring the art of possibility. It’s important to build a creative working environment in which the talented employees can grow and innovate, unleash their full potential for achieving high performance in the long term.

Talented people have the fitting mentality, aptitude and attitude, concentrate their energy on developing their own strength and building their unique set of capabilities via self discovery and autonomy. The goal of building a people-centric organization is to create a workplace in the way people can relate to themselves and to their experience of the environment and others around them, inspire self-management, and unleash collective potential.

Continuous improvement goes hand-in-hand with one of the digital principles, "to learn constantly so we continually improve." When an organization cultivates a culture of learning and progress, people feel supported and confident, in taking ownership, responsibility, and keeps focused for reaching the next level of professional competency.


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