Sunday, December 11, 2022


Leadership is about direction, and progressive change; the guiding force for envisioning and leading the world forward smoothly.

The world becomes more complex with information abundance and hyperdiversity; leadership is the foresight to see the future needs of an organization, and our society. Today’s organizational leaders should have the ability to perceive clearly and influence deeply; striving to be true to their intentions.

To envision and co-shape a harmonized advanced society, benevolence, fairness, talent recognition, etc, are all crucial ingredients in building great leadership. The leadership commitment is to provide whatever effort is necessary to move the organization in the right direction and the grace to do so because it is best for long term prosperity of the organization and global society.

Leadership and benevolence: The global world is still full of misunderstanding, conflicts, frictions. In order to unify and advance human society, leadership needs to present the virtue of benevolence. Insightful leaders should set common-agreeable principles to develop a positive attitude, embrace the diversity of thoughts, guide stepwise actions and encourage benevolent behaviors.

In reality, negative emotions such as malicious envy evoke unprofessional competition; inflated ego perceives others stereotypically, rumor spreaders contaminate people’s psychology negatively; out-of-control anger leads to destructive behavior, etc, all of which generate numerous social problems. Thus, benevolent leaders are in strong demand to set guidance, make influence to overcome the negative psychology and drive human world progress. The purposeful leadership is value-based, to create multifaceted value for business and society influentially.

Leadership and impartiality: Our world is diverse and multipolar, to be truly fair takes empathy for understanding others and insight for improving humanity. Impartiality is the opposite of biases and stereotypes. An impartial and holistic perspective enables leaders to identify and close blind spots, make fair judgments by looking around the corner and beneath the surface. Impartiality takes self-awareness, inclusiveness, insightful observation, discernment. It is a crucial ingredient in wisdom, the fairer you are, the wiser you become.

Without the inner balance of positive energies, leaders cannot achieve a perfect balance of emotions and logic to lead forward frictionlessly. Have big ears and a small mouth; listen first, advice afterward. Leverage quality information, analyze and synthesize accordingly. Enhance a healthy feedback-feedforward cycle. Create dialogues. be transparent, articulate the value you would like to create and guide people to achieve them step-wisely.

Leadership and recognition: Over the years, professional works have continuously been transformed, mainly as a result of emerging technological advances and abundant information. Digital raises the bar both for leadership and employee qualification. Insightful leaders can recognize the right talent, and put the right people with fitting talent in the right position to solve the right problems. They are able to articulate clearly what constitutes “talent,” how they define and evaluate the right people. To take steps further, develop personalized training programs to encourage professional improvement. The objective competency assessment is important to grow the new breed of competitive, innovative and unique business leaders and professionals.

Leadership is about direction, and progressive change; the guiding force for envisioning and leading the world forward smoothly. Both leadership and change have altered and will continue to do especially nowadays we are stepping into the era of people-centricity. The high-effective leadership has all sorts of ingredients that can be weighed in to improve leadership effectiveness and maturity.


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