Saturday, December 10, 2022


Leadership is forward-looking, to bridge differences and make progress.

Leadership is about vision and influence. The intention of great leadership is to create a platform for making positive influence without affecting anyone in any negative way.

Judgmental intelligence, integrity, objectivity, etc, as crucial ingredients, should be woven seamlessly to build great leadership for harmonizing and advancing human society.

Leadership & Judgmental intelligence: One of crucial responsibilities for leaders is to make sound judgment and solve problems effectively. Judgment and decision making are often considered together. Misjudgment is often caused by lack of critical thinking or in-depth understanding, unconscious bias, or preconceived notions. Critical thinking means making clear discernment, reasoned judgments, dig underneath, see around the corner and transcend the interdisciplinary knowledge to understand people or things deeply. It is also important to leverage data analysis in making sound judgments and improve decision effectiveness.

Leadership & integrity: Leadership is a philosophy with a set of practices, the right mix of altitude, attitude, and aptitude. Leadership integrity is based on a strong moral compass, a solid character, increased awareness - perceiving reality from new levels, being accountable to get problems solved smoothly. Corporate leaders and professionals with high integrity will have a humble attitude, be consistent with what they think, say, and do; have good ethical conduct and get better opportunities to produce high performance results. In the digital era with omnipresent footprint, integrity matters to build a cohesive leadership brand and amplify leadership impact.

Leadership & objectivity:
When we only want to understand things from our own point of view, see what we want to see, or listen to what we want to hear, often we miss the point of being objective. Being objective not only takes cognitive intelligence but needs collective wisdom. Being objective really means you will always see the two sides of a coin; listen to the stories from different perspectives; cultivate empathy by exploring alternative viewpoints; and understand things holistically. Deep observation, quality information, unbiased fact, emotional intelligence, etc, are all crucial ingredients in shaping objective viewpoints and making sound judgment.

Leadership is forward-looking, to bridge differences and make progress. There is no “one-size-fits-all” leadership recipe. Great leadership has substantial ingredients, the right dose of charisma, fresh themes. Global leaders with expanded vision, differentiated professional capability portfolio, and strong discipline are able to co-shape an advance society in which all human endeavor continue to evolve, develop themselves, share with others, to solve cross boundary problems collaboratively.


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