Friday, December 30, 2022


It is critical to put a stronger emphasis on empowering people, refining information & knowledge, and optimizing business processes/capabilities/capacities for achieving innovation excellence.

orward-looking organizations across boundaries are on the journey of change and innovation; they manifest connection, trust-building and influence to accomplish strategic business goals. 

Global leaders and professionals can view complex problems objectively, engage with multiple internal and external stakeholders worldwide effectively, gain universal understanding of crucial problems and overcome common challenges we all concern about, and drive paradigm shifts for accelerating innovation.

Lead radical change; share global insight, and orchestrate structural innovation at the global scope: With a sense of urgency, innovation will truly enforce communication, solve business problems and enable business growth. High-innovative companies are able to orchestrate breakthrough innovation which requires cross-functional senior leadership commitment and holistic management discipline. Only in an open trusting space, creativity can flow smoothly and innovation can be catalyzed effortlessly.

How collectively creative the working environment is depends on the individuals composing that collective and depends on the rationale for the gathering of people. Interrelational innovation management processes are developed to help reduce tensions, frictions, and business conflicts that arise. Digital leaders today need to be highly intelligent and creative, innovation will happen when people are given free space to be creative without overly rigid rules or structures for holding them back, independent thinking is encouraged and collective insight can be shared to achieve innovation excellence.

Innovative leaders and professionals look at the global economy with an innovative tone and creative potential around the world: Business leaders and professionals can develop global cognition, share the well-blended insight and foresight from a global lens, develop their expertise and be put in the right positions to solve problems innovatively. Innovation leadership is not just about winning, but about harmonizing to unleash collective human potential and orchestrate a scalable innovation symphony. Leadership team must broaden their perspective of innovation, deepen understanding of tough issues, especially at global scope, create a corporate culture where innovation thrives, and set a directional guide for solving complex problems in a structural way innovatively.

In practice, continuous engagement, with clarity and transparency in communications to build organizational strength for improving innovation competency. Global leaders articulate strategic visions, enhance interactive designs, and navigate directions, to integrate global knowledge, cultural heritage, talent diversity into a holistic global innovation system for scaling up innovation efforts across the boundaries. They are able to catalyze leadership innovation and improve leadership maturity.

An innovation ecosystem is a systematic innovation methodological environment: An effective innovation system can “smell” the right ideas at the right time and place. Good ideas nearly never emerge spontaneously; we need to keep seeding and maturing ideas constantly. Good ideas and expertise are correlated, often emerging from interactions, and need to be selected, prioritized, and implemented to generate unique value. Fostering cross boundary collaboration is the key to creating an innovative organization in pursuit of innovation excellence.

Innovation is a discipline that if practiced well and understood fully, reads more like a blueprint than science fiction. Enterprise innovation management is an incremental-radical innovation continuum. There will be ups and downs on the journey of innovation and you need the resilience to fail forward. An innovation ecosystem is a systematic innovation methodological environment with a sort of "professional philosophy" for innovation management. It’s important to embrace the holistic ecosystem view of innovation capability development, spur creativity, accelerate change, and leverage systems wisdom to improve innovation competency.

All innovations are disruptive to something or some behavior to some degree. The management team can gain a huge advantage for their organization if they seek and utilize innovation in equipping their organization to build and maintain cultures of creativity and connect all the right dots to catalyze innovation. It is critical to put a stronger emphasis on empowering people, refining information & knowledge, and optimizing business processes/capabilities/capacities for achieving innovation excellence.


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