Monday, December 19, 2022


Every forward-thinking organization is eager to build a creative workplace, but being innovative is the state of mind.

The organizational ecosystem is complex, nonlinear, interrelated, and interconnected, full of opportunities and risks. Companies have to gain a greater awareness of the intricacies and interdependencies of business systems, processes, people dynamics, technology, resource allocation.

 Innovation is a unique business competency for the organizations to thrive in fierce competition and frequent disruptions. The best point of view is to see innovation as a system, capable of integrating different ingredients into differentiated business competency for producing great products/services and achieving high performance results.

It’s crucial to build a creative workplace in which people can discover, develop their talent, otherwise would be under-utilized: Nowadays, creativity is one of the most desired professional capabilities. Innovative organizations are highly dynamic and flexible, focus on problem-solving, not overly restricted hierarchy. It’s important to set core digital principles for building and nurturing a workplace in which curiosity is encouraged, and creative thinking is rewarded. to grow a natural affinity into talent, and shape innovativeness as a state of mind. It is critical to recreate the startup stage so business leaders encourage independent thinking, dissent, candor, cultivate an innovative culture and take their organizations to the pinnacle of the unbelievable success of innovation.

In reality; it’s not so easy for many organizations, especially those large well-established organizations to de-bureaucratize and become innovative. Because innovation is risky, overall speaking, it has a very low success rate. Today’s managers should address a much broader array of innovation risks, including talent risk, taking into account a critical need to craft a solid innovation strategy that supports business objectives and capital investments for the long term perspective. It’s also important to hold people accountable for bringing premium innovation results and reaching the high level of innovation management maturity.

Innovative organizations can harness a healthy cycle of idea generation - idea implementation - value generation: Innovation is not a serendipity, but a process which can be optimized. In reality, many companies form and grow on the basis of "idea creation," but then get bogged down when trying to commercialize those ideas. Idea implementation requires a different mindset, skill set, tool set, focus, and culture. Highly innovative organizations deploy a range of different management methodologies and technologies, tailor their own circumstances for developing the fitting innovation models and practices.

One of the real challenges to innovation management is how to accelerate idea validation and streamline innovation processes, align resources to prioritize and implement those ideas smoothly. Innovation execution becomes more complex, often requiring cross functional collaboration. Organizations manifest innovation from an individual endeavor to a team activity and a collective effort, develop creative synergy and build dynamic innovation capability by enablement, encouragement, and empowerment.

A global organization can streamline a steady flow of fresh ideas floating across the geographical location and build global innovation capacity:
The global society we inherited implies abundant knowledge, enriched culture, diversity of talent, and a world of differences. It is making progress technologically or methodologically. However, there are still numerous problems that need to be solved innovatively. The global workplace needs to be designed to help employees of all stripes within an organization understand and develop their creative capacity to solve problems and exploit opportunities in new and innovative ways. So human society can reach the next level of mass collaboration based innovation by applying world class insight and involving global human capital investment continuum.

It is a continuously changing world, and no organization can afford to stick to its old ways of doing things. Global problem solvers can see the world with fresh eyes, open minds, create thresholds of possibilities that result and expand into innovative thinking, to set the right priority, and solve problems that really matter cohesively. Global society is multipolar and hyper-diverse. Put the right elements such as value, trust, communication, collaboration, simplicity, to rejuvenate an innovative organization in which people can think freely; solve cross-boundary complex problems innovatively and work collaboratively to unlock collective performance.

Due to the complex nature of modern society, business innovation today is more often the interdisciplinary management discipline. Every forward-thinking organization is eager to build a creative workplace, but being innovative is the state of mind. Highly innovative organizations can balance innovation with order, change, and stability to improve business vitality and ensure future business growth and organizational maturity.


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