Tuesday, December 13, 2022


Strong global leadership today is based on fresh insight, logical reasoning, empathetic understanding, persuasive communication, and professional maturity.

Information is growing overwhelmingly; the world becomes more complex; they are both facts that are happening all the time and at a faster pace than ever before. Often, problems do not happen in isolation from each other in predictable ways, but are intertwined across knowledge domains or functional geographical borders.

So leadership becomes more complex, it has to integrate many ingredients to deal with rapid change and frequent disruptions to orchestrate people-centric changes, and co-solve problems collaboratively. 

Leadership & retrospection & reflection: Leadership is a state of mind. It is the proper blend of knowledge, ethics, and peace of mind. Awareness would be the key. Global leaders can think or work through the context across the industrial, knowledge boxes to inspire alliance and encourage cross-boundary innovation. The contemporary society is the product of the past. When moving forward, the past is like the rearview, you need to look at it once a while in order to move forward solidly.

To realize the vision of the organization, many business leaders take the “backward” approach by leveraging the retrosynthesis scenario; starting with what they want to see, reimagine the future of the business; think backward, from there to what the next simpler step is; to the next, and ultimately achieve the goal they would like to achieve; keep evolving and connected into the ever expanded business ecosystem.

Leadership & bridge: Digital enterprises are inherently and intensely complicated; the world becomes more hyperconnected, interdependent, the future of leadership is like a bridge, with purpose, courage, character and determination to break down silos and overcome barriers. They are able to initiate cross boundary interactions to create thresholds of possibilities that can result and expand into creative wisdom.

The leadership needs self-awareness, trust, choice and focus; to create a digital context in which people are empowered and respected, they are innovative to bridge the digital divides, and achieve high performance. Gap-minding leadership practices are important. In fact, authentic leadership is about bridging the cultural and conceptual gap, setting common agreeable rules, exploring cross-boundarily, to strengthen the weakest link in the global ecosystem, build pathways from learning to innovating; from industrial productivity to digital delight.

Leadership & refinement:
Information nowadays is only a click away and the knowledge cycle is shortened significantly. The strength of true leadership comes from nature, grows upon nature, and serves nature with creative energy. Knowledge can be taught, but insight is a unique perception which needs to be gained by each individual. Climbing the knowledge-insight- wisdom pyramid is an important step in knowledge refinement.

The border of knowledge domains has a blurred scope, and knowledge is expanded in the continual base. Leadership has to be refined constantly for penetrating its influence and sustaining a strong reputation. Forethoughtful leaders are well prepared to move into the next phase of digital refinement, with the ability to grasp opportunities timely, drive changes promptly, and prevent risks effectively.

World wide people perceive leadership differently, try to classify it in a different way. Great leaders create team synergy and bridge differences via empathy and wisdom. A leader changes the course of the organization by seeing beyond what all others see and by understanding issues from new perspectives. Strong global leadership today is based on fresh insight, logical reasoning, empathetic understanding, persuasive communication, and professional maturity.


Immerse yourself in the essence of Healing Buddha, where serenity and healing merge to create a sanctuary of renewal and inner peace.

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