Sunday, December 25, 2022


For logical people, every meaningful thing has logic in it. 

It’s time for holiday celebration, it’s also the time to review what has happened, what we can learn from the past; boost creative energy for the upcoming journey; it’s the moment to clarify the logic of enforcing mutual understanding, to believe that people can change and start to think about the greater good. 

Think big and globally, if we look at the world through a lens of genuine positive intent, where we think through our intention, decisions and actions and the ripple effect being created, the world would change for better significantly.

Logic to do holiday self-reflection: Being human is to first find our true identity through self-reflection and self-realization. Awareness is at the level of the energetic connection between heart and mind. So the logic of self-reflection is about knowing who you are; providing clarity, discovering your strengths, uncovering weak points, giving you directional opportunities for personal growth. It enforces self-confidence- having the right dose of ego to overcome fears and be courageous enough to take risks; self-motivation -the right attitude to learn and grow, and make improvements to become better human beings.

Also, apply reflection logic to sense, better understand yourselves and how knowing who you are and your own style of influence affect how you interact and respond with your surroundings, let your thoughts and actions work to keep you motivated, only then can humanity stand. So the logical process of reflection is the foundation of learning, growth, improvement, refinement, evolution.

Logic to fix ignorance: We live in a dynamic environment with information exponentiality, over-complexity, and unprecedented uncertainty. There are competitions, conflicts, and controversies all over the place in today’s global environment. Humans have huge potential, but each one of us also has our limitations. Let’s acknowledge the fact that we are ignorant and let the other person complement our expertise, and show us a different way which could offer different viewpoints and solutions. Isn't the holiday season the good time to be open-minded for true human interactions?

In reality, people ignore the problems because they can't figure out the exact cause and effect so the solutions are vague, variable or unknown. People ignore the problems because they are so complex and there are more problems behind it, which are intimidating. We all have to walk in the shoes and see the problem or situation from the others’ point of view. Thus, it’s important to apply logic to fix ignorance, uncover patterns and understand the interconnectivity underneath the surface. An insightful outlook helps to gain an in-depth understanding of cause and effect

Logic of progression: The spirit of holiday is to reveal virtues of being peaceful, non-hatred, uprightness, gratitude, humility. tolerance, looking forward to making progression. It's almost the end of year, it’s also the time to assess people’s accomplishments and potentiality. Assessing a person’s motivational potential is how well they can focus on performing well in new and changing contexts. A progressive mind is all about the desire to learn, grow and make continuous improvement.

You sense yourself and that's all you need to let your thoughts and behavior work to keep you motivated. Different people, communities, groups are perhaps at the different stages of the progress journey. Individual progress enriches our professional or life experience and drives an upward life journey. Collective progress leads to societal advancement.

Are you on the journey of being self-aware, self-motivated, self-directed, self-disciplined, self-renew, self-sufficient, and self-reliant to make purposeful life and drive progressive changes? The advanced society is a dynamic continuum with collective human progress. Real societal progress is made through people with foreseeable and progressive mindset, to sustain a balance of diversified viewpoints, creativity, discipline for solving problems and driving progress collectively.

Holidays are the time to rejuvenate and recharge energy. Every person is unique and we all have our own strengths and weaknesses. For logical people, every meaningful thing has logic in it. Discover underneath the logic behind who you are, where you are going. Individualism and collectivism are not exclusive, but complimentary, An advanced society is the right balance of individualism and teamwork, democracy and unification; science and art to solve varying problems collaboratively.


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