Friday, December 16, 2022


Corporate boards need to keep learning agile, share fresh insight, develop differentiated executive profiles with unique professional competency for leading viable organizations forward, harmonizing, advancing human society.

Running a business is complex due to rapid change, fierce competition, etc. It is no surprise that there are many confusions and frustrations on the way. From letting go of the current reality to allowing an unknown future state to emerge, and manage change dynamically. 

It takes open-mind and fresh eyes to see things differently and it takes critical thinking and courage to share diverse viewpoints objectively. Strategic oversight and accountability are all part of the governance issues that corporate boards must address. And the corporate board clearly has a role to play in all the major essential elements of improving organizational agility and maturity.

Beneath every apparent static element in our consciousness, we can find something dynamic if we take the time to think of it in that way: Today’s working environment is multigenerational, multicultural, and multi-devicing, or to put simply, hyperdiverse. Given the “VUCA” normality of the ever-evolving dynamic ecosystems, business strategies today are usually dynamic and have a lot of moving parts. It’s crucial to discover dynamic beneath static things, see connectivity and the possibility of change for business evolution. Thus, insightful BoDs are critical and creative at the same time, perceive business change from the outlier’s perspective, transcend the interdisciplinary knowledge to fresh insight, in order to frame the right problems and solve them smoothly.

Digital organizations are hyperdynamic and people-centric, dynamism consists in being able to break away from static or stale, and being fluid and proactive. Running a dynamic business needs to practice dynamic planning, develop dynamic teams, and build dynamic business capabilities. Thus, corporate board’s strategic oversight helps business management keep the “big picture” in mind, close blindspots, lubricate stakeholders’ relationships, cultivate cultures of learning agility and change to improve productivity, creativity, and employee engagement.

Really dig beneath the superficial layer to close the understanding gap, deepen leadership influence: The business world becomes more interdependent with multifaceted diversity and multi-thread changes. It’s always important for BoDs to really dig beneath the superficial layer, see around the corner, apply interdisciplinary knowledge to scrutinize business strategy, raise hidden issues that the management perhaps ignores, deepen their leadership influence via in-depth understanding and wise guidance.

In reality, the superficial layer implies symptoms, not root causes; conventional understanding, not contextual insight beneath the surface; quantity over quality; close-mindedness, the stereotypical thinking or preconceived ideas about how things should happen, etc. It is imperative for BoDs to work more closely with the management to bridge differences, expand their vision; being willing to open their minds, break down silos, and harness cross-functional collaborations in order to solve strategic problems holistically.

Insightful BoDs are those who can connect the unusual dots, see through the issues, look around and beneath the corner, and encourage innovation:
We live in a world with a variety of cultures and dynamic changes. Unfortunately, so many business managers focus on the tangibles, but lack an in-depth understanding of invisible or intangible things. Insightful corporate boards with heterogeneous settings allow them to perceive things via unusual angles, connect unusual dots, explore many “unusual options” that one individual or a homogeneous group might not have uncovered.

Organizations lose their collaborative advantage as they are being over-managed and under-led, remain disconnected, get stuck in a silo mentality. In order to understand problems strategically, be able to perceive the invisible behind the visible, recognize the connections and interdependence, gain sufficient knowledge and unique insight to observe deeper; and see around the corner, have an in-depth understanding of cause and effect, in order to solve the real problem, even a chain of problems collaboratively and build a high performance organization.

Business leaders today are capitalizing and operating on digital ecosystems that are expanding constantly. The circumstances, which are complicated, and inherently uncertain all at the same time, are in the present moment. Corporate boards need to keep learning agile, share fresh insight, develop differentiated executive profiles with unique professional competency for leading viable organizations forward, harmonizing, advancing human society.


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