Wednesday, December 14, 2022


Influential leadership landmark is its influence, brightening human society ultimately.

Leadership is not about who is ahead, but who has the vision to see further with clarity. The future is in our hands. We have to reinvent what leadership is with innovative approaches to collective intelligence.

There are many ingredients in amplifying leadership influence. The strong leadership comes through what you learn, endure and go through, and how you use that to cultivate a positive attitude and build a unique set of leadership competency.

Leadership & qualification: Leadership is an influence. The qualification of leadership depends on a number of factors, the purpose to lead, multidimensional intelligence, the mix of knowledge and experience, the quality of information they receive and their collective leadership ability to operate as a team. The leadership influence is based on leadership substance, professional strength and consistent reputation.

Leadership competencies are interrelated with professional traits and expertise. Neither one overshadows the other, they complement each other. Leadership qualifications also include such as critical thinking, independent fair judgment, and a sense of responsibility and balance through which it becomes possible to earn the role of trust and guiding the organization in which they work, the respect and trust of others. and become a value constructor.

Leadership & quintessence: Either making communication, negotiation or presentation, abstraction is one of the significant communication styles to share insight and bring diverse people to unity. Thus, it’s one of the important traits of senior leaders who play a critical role in setting principles and policies, differentiating substance from style, and grasping the quintessential from outdated information.

In practice, there is lots of confusion about leadership substances & style; leadership mindset & behavior; leadership vision & communication, etc. It’s imperative that "leadership" can be explained, explored, reinvented for it to create fresh value via philosophical lenses. The philosophy of refining leadership quintessence is to convey insight, spread the truth, set standards, build trust, and reveal wisdom.

Leadership & advancement:
There is vision behind purposeful leadership. There is purpose behind advancement; there’re goals which need to be achieved through advanced thoughts and progressive actions. Analogically, leadership influence is like water. Advanced leadership lies in the ability to not only navigate through tough waters today, but also to create fresh waters in which the organizational ship will be led forward frictionlessly.

If organizations are the systems that keep evolving, advanced leadership influences on both visible and invisible factors interwoven to build an innovative environment in which people are able to take advanced movements and make progress even though they are struggling with daily busyness or boredom, with the goal to achieve high performance.

Influential leadership landmark is its influence, brightening human society ultimately. Great leadership with enriched ingredients is able to close gaps, unify differences, build trust, harness innovation by identifying questions, reasoning, handling complexity, in order to present the strong "intellectual persuasiveness" and lead the digital business in the future successfully.


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