Tuesday, December 20, 2022


Forward-looking organizations proactively cultivate authentic leaders who can amplify their influence through core leadership value and their personalized leadership styles and practices.

The substance of leadership is about vision, positive influence, and progression. Today's top leaders need to deal with constant ambiguity; they naturally gravitate to a leadership role when things are unknown, things will change, technology is involved, a tough problem has to be solved, etc.

 Therefore, it is imperative that "leadership" needs to be re-imagined, explored, understood and embraced for it to generate value and advance human society.

Leadership & Integrity: Leadership is an influence. It's the combination of values, integrity and attitude to harness leadership maturity. People with high integrity have good ethical conduct; they are usually accountable to what they say and do consistently to increase credibility and hold the trust. Integrity encompasses accountability, revealed through consistency.

Great leaders show integrity to make sound judgment, think and act authentically to enhance accountability. Integrity requires management to leverage information for effective decision-making and problem-solving. The managers at all levels need to have integrity, be truly committed to their team’s success, and be willing to let their teams do the work for generating corporate value, which leads to high mature business management disciplines. From top-down to bottom-up, integrity is the cultural theme, the culture theme of integration needs to be enhanced and the chain of accountabilities should be reinforced, to improve organization or societal value generation and maturity.

Leadership & Dedication: Leadership is about focus. It is about providing direction, both for oneself and others. You need to spend time and energy on setting the right priority and focus on value generation activities. There is an agreement in the selected vision, values, purpose and plan; so leaders are able to focus on solving the most critical problems and maximize value creation. There are existing issues and emerging problems on a daily basis, the challenge is to improve, develop, or change everything in a prioritized order as long as it creates a more long-term advantage. Prioritize what you know about and keep an eye open for signs of things you don't know about.

Leadership is about alignment and integration. Laser focus on things that really matter, be selective on the knowledge you want to gain, the people you try to communicate with; the processes you should optimize, the goals you intend to achieve. Stay focused, make a conscious choice to continuously learn, practice and improve upon the leadership effectiveness and influence.

Leadership & Quality:
Quality is in everything people think and behave and there are varying ingredients such as proficiency, credibility, consistency, discipline, dedication, maturity, etc. The assessment of leadership quality and influence should be based on multidimensional parameters such as benevolence, effectiveness, diligence, coherence, innovativeness, accountability, etc, to reach a high level of professionalism.

Leadership quality is refined through hard working and strong disciplines. Hardworking doesn’t mean you get stuck at the daily busyness or be exhausted, overwork only; it’s about dedication, prioritizing, and concentration. Leadership diligence is about spending time and energy on doing professional work and amplifying leadership influence. It’s a journey to move up levels of qualification. The level of influence depends on overall leadership quality, from making influence in a certain domain to cross interdisciplinary boundaries; from local community to global society; from behavior to attitude to mindset.

Besides discovering and refining your leadership strength, identifying your leadership blind spots, and learning to be a deep thinker, a cool-headed observer, and a great listener is critical. Leadership is a consequence of ecology. Forward-looking organizations proactively cultivate authentic leaders who can amplify their influence through core leadership value and their personalized leadership styles and practices.


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