Tuesday, February 28, 2023


Keep our emotion ebullient; it's a whole spectrum of -emotion from- the depths of -exploring internal self to -the passion for -solving problems; from constant negation between- inner essences to -exhilaration of -self-actualization…

Being a human being is great;

as we can imagine, criticize, create

with full cycle of emotions;

can we observe-

emotions from a distance,

are we able to -

express them,


Humans are not perfect;

emotions work for us;

might hurt us as somehow;

it’s the delicate balance of-

innate cognition,

outside factors,

enabling us to -

be aware of -

emotional flow,

keep us mature,


Passion, curiosity, joy,

are positive emotions -

improve our inner consciousness,

enable us to -

learn, share, grow,


As imperfect human beings,

it’s understandable to -

experience -

negative emotions,

once a while;

your envy degrades-


overdosed ego hides -


anger causes misjudgment;

fear drains energy;

thwarts creativity,


do not let -

negative feelings stay for-

longer than-

a moment or two;

keep our emotion ebullient;

It's a whole spectrum of -

emotion from-

the depths of -

exploring internal self to -

the passion for -

solving problems;

from constant negation between-

inner essences to -

exhilaration of -


from trial to trust;

from curiosity to tenacity,

and a whole set in between…

We cannot expect luck to-

generate positive emotion driven actions,

can we develop-

emotional intelligence,

to deal with conflict, frictions,


Shall we streamline-

the full cycle of -

emotion flow,

to spark novel ideas,



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