Thursday, February 23, 2023


What're the characteristics of a programmable mind, and how to cultivate the sets of digital habits for riding above the digital learning curves?

As hyperconnectivity is the very nature of the digital organization, cross-silo collaboration is crucial to build and sustain a dynamic workplace in which collaboration happens in that space between people in relationships receptively and thoughtfully interacting with interest and care for one another’s needs and activities.

The most effective digital workplace is in which sharing and collaboration are the norms, understand, and recognize that everyone plays a “piece of the pie,” inspire teamwork and collaboration which are the route towards building a people-centric organization.

       Initiate Program

Initiativesof“Programmable” Today’s digital workforce must have such agility to adapt to the changes. If you go deep, you will find that the way you think, the way you react , the way you act all due to the habits which got formed by your repeatedly thinking, feeling or doing. Once you agree to this, then by changing your habits which can be called programming in the language of computers you will change - your habits (programs ) and this can change the way of your thinking as well. However, what're the characteristics of a programmable mind, and how to cultivate the sets of digital habits for riding above the digital learning curves.

Isprogramming No doubt programmers will produce "bad code", and often coding takes longer than estimated. But it's the processes and procedures around code development that cause these problems. What is the process for estimating software development effort?

InitiativesofprogramportfolioThere’s paradoxical view about PMO (Project Management Office) or PPMO (Program & Portfolio Management Office), on one side, PMO plays a significant role in project delivery, portfolio optimization and governance; on the other side, from industry survey: In some cases, the IT organization's performance may improve once the PMO was eliminated.

Innateportfoliocoherence Running a business is about solving problems either at strategic or operational level by building a balanced portfolio with the mix of “running, growing, transforming” business initiatives, depending on the organizational situations, strategic objectives and severity of external challenges or changes.

Initiatepotentialityportfolio Nowadays, we don't live in a "closed system" but the dynamic business ecosystem which is complex, interrelated, and interconnected, full of chances and risks. Don’t waste the opportunity, seize it. Either individually or collectively; performance keeps us moving; potentiality makes a leapfrog by driving future performance. Oftentimes, potentiality is “raw,” but it’s a worthy investment.

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