Sunday, February 19, 2023


It’s our ability to think-learn-do-improve. It’s our collective abilities to imagine, invent, and influence. 

The business is complex, the people are complex, and the world is complex, every individual or business evolves business transformation with different speed. 

The variety of perspectives opens our mind, helps to empower people, enforce iterative communication, and harness cross-boundary collaboration. From “as is” to “to-be” state of the business takes planning, actions, developing building blocks of business competencies, and making continuous improvement. High-performance organizations are open to changes, informative to act, innovative to design and invent, elastic to scale, synchronous to accelerate, and resilient to recovery.

It’s important to understand the contemporary organization needs to be run as an interactive people-centric system: It is important to understand how people factor affects the business system. Many companies have never been better positioned to break out of the static industry box and engage in mass collaborations to harness innovation. In practice, the reason people struggle with holistic understanding of varying circumstances is because often people have to make a huge effort to get beyond rational linear thinking, learn, unlearn, and delearn all the time. It’s an important step to identify, understand, and evaluate the opportunities in which important problems need to be solved.

There are small issues and large problems, understand which of these root causes is being addressed. The systematic structure provides the shell within which individuals can collaborate to solve problems collaboratively. The businesses become nimbler, flexible, transparent, resilient to not just adapt to changes, but make progressive movement proactively.

It’s important to understand different perspectives without pushing toward the one that you think is the truth: The more complex the situation is, the different approaches are needed to reach for understanding. See around the corner, listen to two sides of the stories, and transcend the interdisciplinary knowledge to get to the heart of the matter. People bring different perspectives and the boundaries might have changed based on the open conversations and taking the time to thoughtfully think about the specific issue and common challenges from different angles.

Misassumptions and misinterpretation are due to lack of deeper understanding or conventional wisdom. People should expand their thinking boxes and get a better understanding of different scenarios, make decisions based on opening up with diverse viewpoints, careful and comprehensive analysis and synthesis, and getting input from a broad range of perceptions, figuring out which of them makes sense. Once a state of transparency has been reached, collaboration turns into cooperation. As multiple approaches to find solutions require efforts only guided by intentions, based on common value and holistic understanding of the issues and collaborative efforts to drive high performance outcomes.

It takes a combination of breakthrough innovation and less risky ideas to balance out a robust business initiative portfolio worth investing: Businesses need to think hard about how their function or organization can be performed in premium ways, especially in ways that they have background or expertise. We expect that greater personalization leads to better understanding and application in workforce. People also need to move out of their comfort zone, explore new opportunities to grow in a structural way. Innovative organizations are able to build more inclusive and flexible teams composed of talented people with extensive experience, they are resolute, responsive, flexible, able to speed up to lead changes and figure out better ways to do things, and they can handle ups and downs, bumps and curves skillfully.

We are moving from an inside out operation driven, standardized organizational setting to a people centric personalized society. An innovative, flexible individual or an organization loves choices, explores alternative ways to solve problems and enjoys making differences. So people have full authority on the enforcing business practices, processes, tools, engineering methods they would like to use to design, build customized products or services to engage employees and delight customers.

The success of our species over all others came from our ability to accumulate knowledge and gain lessons from the past. It’s our ability to think-learn-do-improve. It’s our collective abilities to imagine, invent, and influence. It is the desire to acquire and apply that knowledge, transform into the insight that will make the leader. The difference comes from altitude, attitude, and aptitude that catalyze innovation, drive continuous progress and advance humanity.


What a meaningful and humane article. Thank you for sharing with us. Now let's try to play the game with me.

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