Saturday, February 18, 2023


Business Architecture is a complex discipline with the right mix of art and science, to bridge “as is” and “to-be” state of the business by overcoming common pitfalls, and increasing business agility and maturity.

Business Architecture is like a compass tool for the organization to navigate through the right direction, implement a good strategy by enhancing the processes of problem diagnosis (current state), setting up policy/guideline, doing gap/impact analysis to define where and how, that bridges the gap between what is required and how it is implemented, and taking cohesive actions in change management. 

The information provided in the architecture provides guidance/direction on what steps need to be taken by the board and senior executives to reach their strategic goals for the company.

              Initiatives of Business Architecture

Initiativesofba As the digital world becomes hyperconnected, interdependent, and dynamic, the industrial silo and old boundary has been broken down, the cross-disciplinary approach needs to be taken to connect wider dots, solve complex problems and overcome common challenges. Business architecture is an effective planning and communication tool to lead transformational changes smoothly.

Initiativesofbusinessarchitecture In dealing with rapid change and fierce competitions, today’s digital organizations need to be highly responsive, flexible, and self-adaptive to the dynamic environment. Business Architecture as a tool is about capturing business insight and foresight, facilitating strategic planning and business transformation; dealing with management paradoxes, connecting relevant dots if only making sense to optimize management disciplines, striking the right balance between digital speed and industrial speed for driving seamless paradigm shifts.

Innovation & BA Due to the complex nature of technology and overwhelming growth of information, architecture is a great framework and visualization of the strategy that helps to align collective mindsets, attitude, dynamic processes, tailored methodology, and well-developed practices to ensure business transformation. During this process, they come with principles, best practices; standards formulation, governance establishment. So Business Architecture is a complex discipline with the right mix of art and science, to bridge “as is” and “to-be” state of the business by overcoming common pitfalls, and increasing business agility and maturity.

Initiativesofarchitecture Building an evolving digital organization is to advocate the concept of “business as a whole is superior to the sum of pieces.”Business Architecture enables contextual understanding of the business and deals with the variety of complexity, know how to tap various resources and be inclusive and recognize merit to run a high-performance organization holistically

Initiativesofarchitecture Business architecture is not a solution in/of itself, but rather, a component of the overall business objective. An architecture is about boundary conditions; leveraging it as a management planning tool is the practice that has the necessary abilities to engage with the extant flow of change in the world, helps to shape the future of the business and influence its 'trajectory' at the moment.

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