Tuesday, February 14, 2023


A disciplined innovation approach focuses on commercially relevant compounds innovation management to bridge today and the future, delight people and advance global society.

There is an overwhelming growth of information, fierce competitions, frequent disruptions, conflicts, and controversies all over the place in today’s complex marketing environment. Innovation is valued for its ability to offer a new world order that seeks the common good and overcome the challenges facing humankind.

 Innovation is to see the substance of things unseen; know how to simplify and optimize organization solutions; build innovation capability. Innovators are those who can think and communicate creatively, discover alternative solutions to old problems or figure out a new way to delight customers based on information technology evolution, business model evolution, knowledge transfer, or global transformation.

Innovation via bridging: East or west, moral values are the same in many perspectives. Love or virtue both are defined and understood similarly in east and west philosophy. The difference is in culture and the ways of lifestyles, traditions. Breaking the old rules or cultures is always important for innovation. As too rigid rules, outdated knowledge will stifle creativity and decelerate the speed of progression. In fact, innovation is about bridging - bridging the art and science; bridging east and west; bridging orders and chaos; bridging softness and hardness; bridging ancient time and contemporary era; bridging religions, the world of differences, etc.

When the world is leaping to digital hyperconnectivity, the differences are shrinking and all cultures can be reinvented to the more agile, advanced way. Innovation awareness brings knowledge and food for thoughts and people will start thinking in that direction to see if diversified views can be synergized to come to a common ground and a process found by which human beings can learn to stay away from afflictions and negativity, but instill creative energy, lubricated atmosphere. Thus, making the world a better place to live, amplifying innovation impact.

Innovation via enlightenment: Innovation is a production, assimilation, exploration of value-added novelty in the business to enchant customers or engage employees in an ideal digital workforce. The next step in the people-centric evolution path is the imagination or conceptualization of a new level of moving up from customer satisfaction to customer delight. Not every moment is delightful; but impressive customer experiences could etchant people, improve organizational brand image and reputation.

To become truly people-centric and highly innovative, the true conflict in innovation is self-imposed by trying to make our “visions” reality and enhance a full cycle of emotions to catalyze innovation. After all, the kind of emotions within a person that triggers an innovation process can be numerous and most likely will be a combination of multiple emotions such as passion, conflict, enlightenment, anger, curiosity, calmness, patience, confidence, humbleness, etc, So collectively, organizations have to walk the innovation talk, be open to diverse opinions and feedback, be humble to listen to customers, be confident to take the path perhaps no one ever takes before, and be resilient to failure forward.

Innovate via alliance:
A forethoughtful business discovers its greatest potential when the collaborative elements within it find a balance, make a smooth alliance. Those organizations that have a more mature alignment maturity tend to be more innovative. Innovation is not just a few spontaneous initiatives, but a structural process and management discipline. Thus, only through smooth alignment and process integration, business innovation strategy can be executed to produce high-performance results cohesively. In fact, building a highly innovative organization requires a combination of principles, people, processes, and technology integrated into differentiated business competency for achieving high performance.

Digital leaders are eager to enforce cross boundary alliance and collaboration, setting stages for driving a structural innovation. In reality though, most organizations cannot walk the talk, to truly get innovation spurred and reap the benefit from it. Evaluating the innovation readiness of the business and making cross-boundary strategic alliances for innovation are important to allow room for adjustments and keeping the organization dynamic and informative. Assessing vendor's innovation capability, leverage existing expertise, add alternative brainpower & talent pool, and build up solid partner relationships for achieving innovation excellence.

Innovators show mental toughness, have balanced viewpoints to perceive innovation success and failure objectively.. Innovation management needs to establish clear and shared business goals and set the good principles to follow, enforce integrity, trust, transparency, and resilience. A disciplined innovation approach focuses on commercially relevant compounds innovation management to bridge today and the future, delight people and advance global society.


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