Saturday, February 25, 2023


The radical innovation creates a chain of innovation, leading to business breakthroughs.

Innovation becomes significantly important in the age with abundant information and advanced technologies. Because knowledge is outdated sooner than what you thought about, frequent disruptions and fierce competitions are part of reality.

Innovative organizations naturally have closer connections between functions and all functions and levels are more intimately involved with the market and each other on a regular basis, business leaders and professionals have to frame a growth mindset, learn to use the new lens of the new era, acquire the new thinking and fresh insight, build differentiated innovation competency.

Always look forward to something different and new, stimulate creative energy, see alternatives: To accelerate business change, businesses need to create an environment that brings together the people from inside and outside the walls of the company in a collaborative way, think differently, think positive, or think beyond your reach, to re-imagining “what is possible.”

Often creative outcomes come from recombining ideas in different ways to create the fresh ideas, formulate unconventional alternatives or solutions to resolve problems, in response to unpredictable or unanticipated circumstances. Creative mentality, proactive attitudes, the blend of knowledge and ingenuity, and the right dose of confidence and risk-taking appetite, etc, are all valid within the context of people’s creative intelligence.

It’s important to understand what it needs to drive future business growth via wise innovation investment: Disruption and stimulation makes sense, taking into consideration because there are not enough innovations happening in their businesses to disrupt obsolete mindsets, systems, processes, cultures, business models, or practices. Organizations gradually stagnate and they do not seem to be satisfied with the current circumstances.

The wise investment of innovation initiatives can be truly helpful to drive business demands such as improving business agility, increasing employee engagement, enforcing collaboration, and harnessing innovation. The objective of innovation investment oversight is to provide visibility of the business innovation initiatives that are supporting the company's strategy; “the various "innovation activities" they perform, and the information that they need, accelerate idea validation from an innovation management perspective, and streamline innovation management processes.

Advanced innovation journey reaches the turning point when you are in the right spot to see the two sides of the coin, and capture multidimensional views via the right angle: Create the space for dialogue and debate about innovation, develop a common understanding of it, and set the right pace for leading innovation journey smoothly. The robust business processes, systems, and tools that enable any entity to generate winning concepts for innovation management on a consistent basis, is the prerequisite for sustaining business advantage and growth.

And rules need to be updated continually because often the outdated rules become the roadblocks to stifle innovation and progress. Innovation is the journey, with a set of principles, processes, and practices. Dare to voyage into the deep, deep “VUCA” reality, co-design the delightful innovation landscape, co-define the comprehensive roadmap and take the innovation journey steadfastly.

At an enterprise level, innovation management requires cross-functional collaboration and interdisciplinary knowledge sharing, and relentless experimentation. The radical innovation creates a chain of innovation, leading to business breakthroughs. By thinking innovation as artistic activities, imagination can be unlocked and creative ideas will flow frictionlessly; by thinking innovation management as the scientific discipline, innovation management effort can significantly amplify its effect and unlock business performance.


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