Friday, February 17, 2023


Contemporary societies are full of potential; visionary leaders perceive trends others perhaps ignore.

Nowadays, organizations are blended with diversified mindset, talent and cultures, forethoughtful leaders see opportunity in uncertainty, identify potential and unleash it continually. Human Capital is always the largest intangible asset of an organization which has to keep investing and growing to ensure the long term prosperity of the business.

 It is important to harmonize a hyperconnected and interactive global ecosystem in which people can unleash their potential free-mindedly and the business can grow organically to achieve high performance outcomes holistically.

It is a constant process to identify, develop and unleash human potentiality: Potential is about the future performance. Assessing a person’s innate potential is how well they can adapt to personal drive and focus on performing well in new and changing contexts. People with high potential continue to learn to expand their horizons with a growth mindset. Individually, understanding your strength helps you unleash your full potential and better manage your professional life in the long run. High potential people demonstrate an optimistic and learning agile attitude, and continue to develop professional competence. So they are able to take more responsibilities and grow into new roles promptly.

There is no limit to human potential; however, it’s the individual, culture, traditions, and society that sets a limit on that unlimited potential. Self-discovery - the ability to understand yourself cognitively; self-motivation -the right attitude to learn and grow; as well as self-actualization - setting the right goals for achievement are all critical to potentiality management. Unlocking potentiality is often a risk-taking journey because you have to overcome change inertia, explore yourself from either inside out or outside in; you sense yourself and that's all you need to let your thoughts and behavior work to keep you motivated. Be self-confident to overcome fears and be courageous enough to take risks.

It’s a strategic imperative to unlock the collective potential of organizations or entire human societies: Human society becomes hyperdiverse and interdependent, it’s strategic to develop talented people and hold people in high regards, not only for who they are but for the potential that lies inside of them, so their innate talent can be developed, and their future performance can be unlocked to a certain degree. Collectively, it’s important to build a healthy or even creative workplace, tap human potential, believe in building talent, otherwise it would be underutilized or dormant.

So collaboratively, both high performers and high potential are needed to lead the team towards a new reality. For either solving existing or emerging problems, always be careful about examining the potential points of engagement. During the whole process of developing talent and unlocking potential of the organization, make sure that all staff are aware of the plan and process, updated timely, transform a crowd into a workable collective and even greater -into the fountain of human potential.

It’s important to gain an in-depth understanding of critical factors to unleash innovation potential in the business ecosystem: We live in the hyper-connected and interdependent modern global society now, humans are part of the natural world, full of potential. People can grow themselves based on who they are and who they want to be. An enterprise has to be linked to the many and varying touchpoints between itself and its ecosystem environment. The digital boundary with fluidity is a necessity for knowledge and idea sharing, cross-disciplinary collaboration, so collectively, global societies are able to rejuvenate creative energy, and unlock innovation potential.

Holistic management offers far more potential for tapping the innovation potential of entire organizations or societies than trying to optimize or improve the performance of any one function. More importantly, they need to build a culture of trust, learning, and growth. So business professionals are respected with fair value, talent, and being innovative. Organizational leaders have a clear vision -having a positive outlook on the future that is not predicated on the past or present, explore growth opportunities, inspire innovation and streamline actions to lead the world forward innovatively.

Contemporary societies are full of potential; visionary leaders perceive trends others perhaps ignore. The most challenging work for the management is to put the right people in the right positions for solving the right set of problems timely; also grow people based on their innate talent, so potentiality can lift humanity influentially.


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