Sunday, February 19, 2023


Negative emotions make people painful, suffering, negative feedback without good intention causes mistrust, conflict.

Digital makes a significant impact on how we think, live, and work. There is the mix of old and new, physical and virtual, order and chaos. We are in a time of tremendous change, the dawn of the digital age, the path to the next level of digital maturity, also in the era of confusion and information overload.

Therefore, it’s critical to identify, understand, and avoid pitfalls, discover strategic and predictive pathways to change, increase confidence, position a brand and leverage resources to make the digital paradigm shift effortlessly. Slideshare Presentation

Illustrate  Negative

Illustratenegative Everything, whether tangible or intangible, in the manifested universe, has two poles – the positive and the negative. The difference between positive and negative is perception and choice. We have that choice each day to wake up to be positive or negative. Negative emotions make people painful, suffering, negative feedback without good intention causes mistrust, conflict; negative ways to solve problems create more problems, make the situations worse, cause more unnecessary pains and decrease the speed of progression.

“Irrational & Illogical”Due to fast-paced change, the exponential growth of information, hyper-connectivity, and continuous digital disruptions, the problems facing businesses today turn to be over-complex, have a very wide scope, and are difficult to solve. In fact, problem-solving thought processes and practices will not be simple for many of today’s complex problems and it takes an interdisciplinary approach to either frame the right problems and solve them effectively.

Negative Feedback: Is it Constructive or Destructive Nobody is perfect, we should always be self-aware, including our flaws and shortcomings. We need always to welcome constructive feedback which helps improve our professional growth and personal maturity. However, how can you discern which feedback is constructive, and which one is destructive? And what can you learn from it?

Unprofessioalismcharacteristics The business environment is full of uncertainty, velocity, complexity, and ambiguity, high professionalism is an important quality for today’s multigenerational, multicultural and multi-devicing workforce, and it is a foundation to shape growth mindsets, cultivate open-minded leadership, nurture culture of learning and positive atmosphere with intellectual stimulation, to both unleash employees’ potential and drive organizational maturity seamlessly.

Illogic Today’s digital businesses are nonlinear, volatile, interdependent, uncertain, they face fierce competition and ambiguous digital environments. Many business changes or transformational efforts are symptomatic of not having a comprehensive understanding to identify business vulnerability formulas.

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