Monday, February 27, 2023


A truly innovative "story of the future" can literally revolutionize a culture, optimize innovation processes, select innovation indicators and improve innovation success rate.

Innovation is a managed process to create business advantage; the best point of view is to see innovation as a differentiated competency to deliver business value. Innovation ecosystem or the methodological environment should cover the whole innovation process, including the philosophy to apply, and methods that cover the process from idea generation to commercialization. 

The main goal of improving innovation management effectiveness is to identify the resistance behind, tackle the complexities of the innovation dynamic, and take actions to resolve them steadfastly.

Innovation analysis provides the navigation system for doing structural innovation: Innovation is not serendipity. Innovation process could be very loose on purpose; what’s very rigorous and systematic is the analysis of business issues, opportunities, or marketing dilemmas, etc. The spontaneous initiative or overly complex process can easily stifle innovation as organizations get locked into huge processes around building extensive business cases.

Deep analytics provides information on a user digestible and understandable level to generate fresh ideas, and implement them by mixing the sources and forming formulas. The analytics and feedback can be totally integrated into an ongoing innovation management system, and advancement of data-based analytics are highly likely to improve business innovation effectiveness.

Innovation excellence is based on information fluency and process coherence: Nowadays the business and the whole world are so hyper-connected and interdependent, people all over the world can share information, co-develop new knowledge and catalyze innovation. The collective learning and abundant information foster knowledge or technology transfer innovation. Information savvy organizations are designed to transform refined information into knowledge to debunk innovation puzzles.

The deeper you can integrate information into underlying business functions and perceive the holistic digital impact, the further you can reach the digital vision and pinnacle. The better the innovation capability and capacity you have, the more integrated platforms you need to engage customers, partners, etc, in the conversations, the broader you can collaborate and innovate.

Intrinsic-logic behind innovative problem-solving scenarios need to be clarified to improve innovation success rate: Nowadays, innovation logic is nonlinear, involving interdisciplinary knowledge and cross-functional collaboration. Innovative leaders and professionals leverage multidimensional thought processes, strategic reasoning skills to challenge existing thoughts, knowledge, or standards, seek additional information and experience, see things from different angles, take multipath logic scenarios to understand the interconnected issues in order to solve them innovatively.

Innovation allows one to stand out and make difference, individually or collectively.If you do not innovate, you become commoditized and even irrelevant for the long run. It's natural to fear the unknown or be skeptical of the unproven. Align innovation initiatives, resources and integration/ implementation plans with the strategic goals and objectives to build an innovation portfolio. Identifying how those goals will be reached via the lens of strategies, objectives, responsibilities, and timelines, choose innovative solutions and move forward.

A truly innovative "story of the future" can literally revolutionize a culture, optimize innovation processes, select innovation indicators and improve innovation success rate. Good innovation can leap the business to the next level of prosperity, and bad innovation can fail the business in a fatal way. Innovative organizations are more open to diverse opinions and feedback, listen to customers, take the path perhaps no one ever takes before, and become more resilient to fail forward.


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