Monday, February 13, 2023


Business architecture helps to deepen understanding of business relationships, ecosystem perspectives,

As the digital world becomes hyperconnected, interdependent, and dynamic, the industrial silo and old boundary has been broken down, the cross-disciplinary approach needs to be taken to connect wider dots, solve complex problems and overcome common challenges. Business architecture is an effective planning and communication tool to lead transformational changes smoothly.

Business architecture can be leveraged to explore the business growth opportunities by facilitating and commercializing innovation:
At some point in the enterprise evolution, business effectiveness and efficiency are correlated specifically when the organization reaches its capacity. Effective business architecture provides a balanced focus on achieving both short term and long term objectives. It enables business management to set up guidelines, doing gap/impact analysis to define where and how, bridge the gap between what is required and how it is implemented, and taking cohesive actions in variety of business management informatively

Business Architecture should have abilities to adapt to the changes so that the organization’s vision, mission, and goals can be realized seamlessly: Change cannot be just another thing that needs to be accomplished, it has to be woven into the collective communication, process, and action of the organization to bring up business value continuously. Change Management should be an adequate, logical, and systematic effort to any environmental shift. Business architecture can be used as a business steering tool, give you a holistic view, provide important business context, so that the business problem can be seen from every relevant perspective and every perspective has a whole world behind itself to be articulated for enabling problem-solving effectiveness.

Business architecture can be used in governance efforts that help business management gain an in-depth understanding of their risks and conducts
: It can be used as a multidisciplinary effective governance tool and enabling vehicle that provides a platform for determining sound corporate attitude, behavior and structured decision-making. A cohesive set of governance practices can enforce varying governance activities such as delegation of authority, auditing, or strategy monitoring and the overall accountability at every level of the organization. There should be a governance mechanism embedded in all crucial business processes, and there are governance practices to enforce accountability at every level of the organization.

Business architecture helps to deepen understanding of business relationships, ecosystem perspectives, market dynamics for steering the organization in the right directions, understanding, managing and governing organizations better for achieving business maturity.


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