Tuesday, February 28, 2023


Associations and relationships are what turn the spark into an expressible idea.

Business change is accelerating, especially as it relates to the people and value creation dimensions and it is more important than ever to engage business leaders to reimagine, architect, design, and help the enterprise chart the course and set a better sail. 

So assessing organizational personality, managing company performance and maximizing business potential are important management scenarios to build up a positive business working environment, develop trustful relationships, and accelerate performance.

Organizational association via architecture context: Business architecture contains enterprise knowledge, it has to accommodate the fact that all organizations operate simultaneously as open and closed systems which keep evolving, learning, innovating for improving organizational agility. A good sense of theory for architecture is "the body of generalizations and principles developed in association with practice as an intellectual discipline" to enforce systems thinking.

Business architecture as an effective tool to enable interdisciplinary practices with the intensity of association for you depends on perceptions & perspectives upon what happens, your involvement for generating ideas, your commitment for implementing them, smoothly.

If you perceive organizational purpose as a worthwhile purpose, you will treat the association as a calling, and will be passionately engaged: In organizations, there are all sorts of associations: employee engagement, customer interaction, vendor collaboration, stakeholder communication and relationships, etc. Association connects with business purpose. Without purpose, engagement is not possible, association could become overly intrigued.

To align purpose and direction, organizational leaders lead by example, act in line with the company purpose, agree on the purpose and direction; then educate and engage the people to achieve common purpose. Business management is an ongoing association with reality through inductive reasoning that creates and justifies relationships, patterns, and principles for running a purposeful organization.

Business leaders apply management theories and a set of principles, quality information, in association with management practices: From a business management perspective, lack of effective feedback management will deepen the functional gaps and create the barriers to improving the organizational maturity. Perhaps you should first work to identify how information is associated with the valued tangibles of your businesses; your products and your resources; like information flows in business processes.

Not having critics make your path easy, but you might not be able to explore your true potential. Quality feedback helps the management clarify what the brand stands for, how the stakeholders perceive brand name and the connotation it wants its stakeholders to associate to, and the primary activities through which the brand name gets communicated.

Innovators are able to make unusual associations for solving problems recursively. Creativity is largely an associative process based on knowledge and experience, from which creative concepts can emerge. The associations and relationships are what turn the spark into an expressible idea. Thus, problem-solving is a mindset with intellectual curiosity, inclusiveness, creativity, and progression.


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