Sunday, February 19, 2023


We are -all individuals with -different grades of humanness; can we demonstrate- universal love, natural humility?

The condition of-

being human is to-

possess and practice -

the noble virtues of life;

it takes -

a little emotional kick,

here and there, to -

get you speed up to-

do something,

in pursuit of-

universal wisdom.

The variety of -

perspectives opens-

our mind,

shift our personal truth to -

approximately universal truth,

to reach the state of -

fair judgment,

in-depth understanding, to-

accelerate -

collective progress.

Life evolves, revolves around-

hope, fear, expectations.

vision bridges-

today & tomorrow,

with a thread of hope;

every endeavor has-

benefited some,

but not all humankind,

which makes -

it relative,

not universal;

we are destined to -

look forward;

in doing so;

see both -

the past and the future,

in front of us,


we have to-

be determined to-

not get limited by-

conventional understanding,

but pursue universal wisdom,


transcendental progress,


We are -

all individuals with -

different grades of humanness;

can we -

demonstrate universal love,

natural humility?


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