Saturday, February 18, 2023


Build solid changeability, identify and develop potentiality into a more solid form and transform it into differentiated business advantage.

Change is inevitable in running a successful business. The essence of business innovation is some source of value that represents a competitive advantage of their organization. Every successful new business venture evolves change management, people development, and business model reinventions. 

There are different components, such as customer expectation, performance assessment have been included in various business reinventions to go forward, with much of the variation stemming from differences between the industries and circumstances. There is a need to refine business processes, design and integrate different organizational capability, update the business model to reflect new realities in the marketplace. The initiatives for business reinvention is an important part of business evolution to sustain its brand and renew its impact,

Initiatives to optimize business process and capacity: Business processes underpin business capability development and business reinvention. Knowledge-based work with an unstructured and collaborative process requires secure coordination of content, correspondence, and discussions with different groups. It’s also important to measure the efficiency of process execution because business processes must integrate with and support the final outcome to generate revenue.

To improve business effectiveness and efficiency, it’s a continuous effort to enhance business process management with a representation of organizational design and people management, to achieve either strategic or tactical business goals, and build a high-performing, and customer-intimate digital business.

Initiatives of organizational changes and improvement: Organizational change becomes the common practice within an organization. It is an ongoing business capability, not just a few spontaneous efforts. But organizations have limited budgets, the management needs to clarify: What is the expectation from change management? What is the best scenario to make change happen? If the desire is to make an enterprise-wide impact, it needs to be integrated at the right level as well, in addition to functional areas. Change management needs to be treated as a strategic function to reach its full advantage.

The great success is achieved in organizations where the responsibility and accountability for organizational change management remit are assigned to the change agents; change management can integrate the science of change practices, and the art of change culture for leading change seamlessly and assess its performance objectively.

Initiatives to innovate business model is a collaborative effort of business model research and business investment and experimenting: Researchers and authorities tend to be theorists at heart. Business people tend to be experimentalists at heart: they want to get to the concrete, to the real, to the numeric, to the results. The majority of business model researchers capture growth trends, dive deeper to work closely with senior executives for developing new business models and creating new revenue streams; look for business solutions which will directly benefit the external end customer, improve business competency and in-turn bring in increased revenue.

The business model experimenters walk the talk, evolving through various iterations from a very crude view to a refined view along an optimized process and gradients of preciseness validated by customer feedback and employee brainstorming. So businesses can generate new revenue streams and create new customers.

Forethoughtful companies reinvent themselves constantly; take initiatives to explore growth opportunities, set the principles and standards to make improvement, apply a systematic approach to refine organizational structure, reinvent business models, build solid changeability, identify and develop potentiality into a more solid form and transform it into differentiated business advantage.


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