Monday, February 13, 2023


Global leaders today are inclusive, proactive, and influential, embracing different opinions and viewpoints to solve complex problems effectively.

Over the last couple of decades, businesses have been faced with increasingly complex and pressing problem-situations, embedded in interconnected global business ecosystems operating in dynamically changing environments. Senior business leaders shouldn’t be overwhelmed by the exponential growth of information and abundant knowledge, but be able to capture the invaluable business insight to make sound judgments and effective decisions consistently. 

Hence, high-influential global leaders today need to be strategic, insightful, able to shape a cohesive vision, and take a holistic view to lead businesses and the world forward effectively.

Global leaders today should be future-oriented and further-looking, so they can make worldwide influence with a clear vision: Cross the geographical or industrial boundaries, people with the diversity of thoughts, character, cultures, competencies, styles, and generation account for the majority of their differences. The more leadership represents or mirrors its worldwide stakeholders, the more effective they could lead a global society. In fact, leadership inclusion is about how to identify and close a variety of gaps; having ability to listen to different feedback, analyze both fact-based and intuitive input, to shape the collective and broad range of business perspectives.

In leadership practice, the global leadership team composition should be synchronized with the digital perspective of the business. The common understanding has to be established, not just within leadership ranks, but also within broader management and employee level. Communication clarity is a must-have in the strategic planning process in order to diagnose crucial problems that organizations need to fix so businesses can explore the growth potential of their organization in the global scope more effectively.

Global leadership influence is made based on the leadership substances such as purpose and competency with effective leadership styles such as participation, coaching: To make deep influence and amplify the influence effect, defining your true purpose is a helpful instrument to guide yourself, your audience, along the other dimensions. Interdisciplinary understanding, intellectual curiosity, and professional empathy can shape global leadership mindset across boundaries. Set a clear choice among future scenarios that advocate progressive changes, share advanced knowledge and fresh concepts to lead collective progress.

The insightful senior leaders have the ability to influence peers or the management team as they undertake a broad range of crucial decisions involving global issues; be able to guide the senior management team through effective questioning, coaching, advising, assessment of the business growth strategy, vision statement, and global brand message. Influential leaders focus on convincing, persuasion, and collaboration at the global scope, be able to participate in good conversations, coach interdisciplinary knowledge, facilitate the multitude of differences, values, cultures and orchestrate the global innovation ecosystem systematically.

Influential global leaders can sense emergent opportunities, predict potential risks, build the culture of innovation: The senior leaders should have the breadth of knowledge to bring up an outlier’ view and embrace the seemingly paradoxical point of views in order to gain the deep understanding of varying global strategic topics such as strategy, technological vision, performance, global reputation, economical growth, talent potential exploration, etc, holistically.

The digital era upon us is the age of innovation, and innovation is a differentiated business capability to decide the business's long-term prosperity. Innovative global leaders are experts and explorers, synthesizers and integrators of new world-views; make effective decisions in deliberation, explore hidden opportunities for innovation, moving the enterprise forward, to ensure the organization have the right dose of risk intelligence, take step-wise actions, and they are on the right track to achieve high-performance globally.

Global leaders today are inclusive, proactive, and influential, embracing different opinions and viewpoints to solve complex problems effectively. Proficient leadership expertise with multidimensional cognitive abilities and sound judgment skills helps leaders understand global ecosystems objectively, orchestrate large scales of change seamlessly, enforce governance effectiveness and leadership competency professionally.


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