Tuesday, February 28, 2023


It is only when all individuals challenge themselves and then come together as a group will we see real human potential achieved and create a phenomenon amazingly.

People are intelligent creatures. It's an interesting personalized world emerging ahead of us. To unleash professional potential, people think, create, and improve by reengineering themselves, developing creative mindset, and experimenting with new ways to do things.

Collective human potential can be unleashed by establishing an open environment in which people are encouraged to discover their innate talent, think out of the box, work cross-boundary, and take people-centric approaches holistically. In the organizational setting, performance keeps the business lights on, but business potential includes the overall organizational capacities and abilities to perform in the future by discovering and strengthening business strengths and building core organizational competencies.

The goal of potential management is to guide, inspire, and develop people to unleash their full potential and also the collective human potential: Even though the raw talent is innate, it takes the immense amount of time, energy, and hard work that "naturally talented" people have committed to developing their talents, unleash their potential via self exploration. Now with analytical intelligence combined with digital pulse, the organization has more visibility of people's sentiments, and works to generate a motivating environment to increase employee values and unleash their potential.

When businesses need to explore the alternative talent pool or build up a strong talent pipeline and create business synergy, they can find the right talent who not only fulfills the required needs of the work at the moment but also has the potential to keep development their talent, build the next level of integral professional competency, lead organizations up to the next level of the organizational growth and maturity.

The management has to dive deeper to see the hidden value of their people and keep unlocking their potential: Talent management makes an objective talent assessment, not only evaluating their cognitive ability, but coaching people how to tap into their most powerful and brilliant modes of thinking anytime, anywhere, under any circumstances. Spot and appreciate true talent, unlock their potential and develop their differentiated professional competency. Knowledge workers, especially high professionals in the digital era should learn and build expert power and make influences via persuasion and insight sharing proactively.

The talent assessments are really about ascertaining the individual's "current state," a snapshot of where they are at that moment of time; also predict his or her “to be” state, their potential to be who they want to become. The goal of smart workforce planning and management is to create synergy and unlock collective potential by perceiving people via empathetic lenses, understanding their characters, strength, and core competencies, as well as putting the right talent in the right position to solve the right problems.

The importance of potentiality management really depends on how and what the organization is utilizing the potential for: As a society, we need to respect and encourage change, authenticity, difference, inclusion. It is only then we will see 'Human potential' really show itself. The digital workforce is a hyper-connected generation with a multitude of varieties. Potential is the worthy investment and hidden dimension of talent management to build unique capabilities, explore the emerging opportunities.

Without strong discipline and self-management skills, talented people simply cannot unlock their full potential. Through autonomy, people can relate to themselves and to their experience of the environment and others around them, unleash collective potentials, and enable true meritocracy. So companies can put the right people with the right talent in the right positions, build their own set of differentiated competencies to unlock collective future performance..

Unleashing potential is a journey. Each one of us has limited time and resources, it gets really creative on how we explore our innate talent, orchestrate and implement transformative changes, with multiple perspectives. It is only when all individuals challenge themselves and then come together as a group will we see real human potential achieved and create a phenomenon amazingly.


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