Monday, May 2, 2022


Forward-looking leaders and professionals not only focus on how to achieve high performance today, but also on discovering and unleashing their full potential to “achieve the art of possible.”

Our complex world is a paradoxical reality with high velocity, uncertainty, and ambiguity. There is truth and myth, along with the mix of solid vs. flow; real vs. virtual; brightness and darkness, etc. People are not resources only; they are innovative human beings who can continually generate, implement fresh ideas to reinvent the world; they are human capital that need to continue being invested for generating more value. As a matter of fact, potentiality is our gift as humans with a great deal of what defines us as humans full of imagination.

Potentiality is an investment: Potentiality is the worthy investment and hidden dimension to explore emerging opportunities, develop new capabilities, and investigate diverse paths for accelerating growth. In many circumstances, individuals or organizations with potential haven't performed to the level in which there is actual performance in all the areas desirable. Thus, developing talent should be consistent efforts and ongoing practices to adapt to the ever-evolving changes.

Potentiality exploration is both art and science. The great way to go on discovering potentiality is to identify and develop our inner strength by following our imagination, insights, and intuitions. The inner strength will bring perception, persistence, and performance towards the career path we take and accomplishment we intend to make. The discovery of the unlimited variants of human potential opens a new window in our psyche to dormant attributes we didn’t know existed yet. But that is our inner strength to catalyze innovation and lead transformative changes.

Personalization unlocks potentiality: People are unique creatures. The inquiry of human nature - thinking, attitude, behavior, necessitates a personalized approach to improve people-centricity. It helps us shift our thinking to a variety of perspectives and enables people to navigate a variety of situations in developing personalized products and solutions. The business growth and innovation today are heavily dependent on those talented people who have the right aptitude and attitude, with autonomy and changeability, bring the positive energy to the workplace, and continue learning to unleash their potential.

From a talent management perspective, people are human assets and capital. High potential people keep learning to expand the horizon with growth minds. Talent analytics will gain insight wherever there is a gap in the people management and performance system, identify the root cause of low performance and competency gaps. The logical scenario to manage a healthy workforce is to attract the right people with a growth mindset first. Greater personalization leads to better understanding and application in workforce analysis to build a healthy or even creative workplace for unleashing human potential.

Collective potentiality can be unleashed by exploring it holistically
: There is no limit to human potential; however, it’s the collective mindset, varying circumstances that set a limit on that unlimited potential. It takes time and structural efforts for potentiality management. If you want to create a truly high-performance team, you have to understand your people at the deep level, identify and develop potentiality into a more solid form and transform it into a differentiated advantage of the organization or society.

Unleashing potential is a strategic effort either at the individual or the business level. Sometimes, you even need to leverage all tradeoffs, retreating today’s performance in order to accelerate the future performance. High performing businesses build the culture of creativity, align the employee’s potentiality with their professional goal, explore their collective potentiality to build differentiated sets of dynamic capabilities for accelerating future performance.

Performance keeps the business lights on; potential can lift up the business to the next cycle of growth. The journey of pursuing excellence is all about sharing a higher vision, and deep insight of varying issues upon exploring collective potential. Forward-looking leaders and professionals not only focus on how to achieve high performance today, but also on discovering and unleashing their full potential to “achieve the art of possible.”


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