Tuesday, July 5, 2022


The successful businesses are the ones that have learned how to implement change time after time and build it as a solid ongoing business capability.

The world has become much more complex and smaller all at once, the digital transformation has to go a few inches deeper and apply interdisciplinary knowledge to make leapfrogging business changes. 

The business will be more successful when they realize that one of their greatest strengths will be their change capability, improve their business effectiveness, agility, and maturity. Can you see through changes through multidimensional lens?

: Change is inevitable, innovation is the light that every organization is pursuing, the only way to drive societal evolution. Anthropology helps to open one’s eyes and discover the amazing and fascinating things that human beings have done. Anthropology can help us understand human nature, discover our place in the world as regards our culture, world conception, the common points among societies, to appreciate variety and embrace inclusiveness. From the anthropological perspective, the deep problem that reveals at the societal level is to understand what are the evolutionary pathways implied by those mind switches and how we can leverage different thought processes to stimulate novel ideas and solve complex problems innovatively.

Information technology: Information technology is the backbone of business transformation. When the top management doesn’t evolve critical information technology issues or does not have proficient IT expertise, the organization cannot orchestrate transformative changes with synchronized speed. Because IT is the glue that binds things up, enabling companies to chase innovation, unlock potential, accelerate performance, improve the organizational adaptability to their various environments or ecosystems. Organizations in which the business management is technologically evolved can keep up with information technology developments around them, integrating IT with change management to deliver strategic differentiation, and manage a seamless digital transformation.

: Philosophy is the mother of all science; the philosophic mind can ask questions that other sciences cannot even think about. It inspires abstract thinking that helps to frame the right questions and solve them smoothly. The guidelines based on leadership philosophy helps to architect business change smoothly, develop the best and next practices to amplify change effects. If there were no critical philosophy to add to the brainstorming, science will in the end lose ground. The overall outcome of the philosophy and artifacts is the set of structures in the broadest sense of structure in use within the business and enterprise ecosystem to discover the truth and uncover myth, clarify the purpose of running a high performance business.

Change Management requires a well-defined strategy with a comprehensive change agenda, interdisciplinary approach and continuous practices. The successful businesses are the ones that have learned how to implement change time after time and build it as a solid ongoing business capability.


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