Monday, November 7, 2022


It takes -courage, humility to -ask good questions; it takes wisdom to -ask the right questions.

The world is -


with blurred territories,

mixed truth & myth;

leadership is a journey,

comes in -

many shades of -

character, perspectives;

true leaders have always been intrigued,

they ask questions to-


to circumstances,

to books,

to experiences,

to others,


Isn’t leadership -

more about influencing,

coaching, orchestration via

constant questioning?

Like a piece of art,

great questions are -

beautiful, insightful…

leaders gain -

trust and respect by-

asking tough questions;

leaders connect dots to

spark imagination,

by asking creative questions;

leaders appreciate -

collective wisdom by-

asking deep questions;

inquisitiveness leads to -

vision, understanding,

vision drives -

inquisitiveness to-

see things differently,

lead forward smoothly.

We have to-

reinvent what leadership is;

lead by questioning!

change by questioning,

innovate by questioning…

can you frame -

the right questions

and answer them,


It takes -

courage, humility to -

ask good questions;

it takes wisdom to -

ask the right questions.

The future is in our hands.

Are we entering the era of-

learning, inquisitiveness,

openness, universal happiness?


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