Tuesday, December 6, 2022


The world is diverse, spinning apart, integration, innovation, alignment. harmonization are what brings it together to expedite collective progress.

The business is complex, the world is complex, and leadership is complex; in order to influence others, people must have differentiated professional expertise and demonstrate high levels of ethics, responsibility, integrity, and empathy.

They have a winning mixture composed of intelligence, competence, confidence, humility, self-esteem and emotional excellence to achieve high performance results.

It’s critical to know constant and consistent integrity requires vision and value proposition: Knowledge work becomes more complex, integrity requires management to leverage information for effective decision-making and problem-solving. It's the combination of values, integrity and attitude to improve professionalism and harness leadership maturity. Professional integrity requires vision and value. The vision becomes a reality achievable to shape a brighter future for the long term perspective. Value allows you to make sound judgment by setting progressive criteria and common standards. The “vision" thing has to go hand in hand with execution and value contribution.

Integrity encompasses accountability, revealed through consistency. People with high integrity have good ethical conduct. are usually accountable to what they say and do consistently to increase credibility in earning and holding the trust.

Integrity enforces commitment, improves trustful relationships and amplifies leadership influence: A company with a culture of integrity, innovation, high standards in ethics can align resources, talent seamlessly and motivate team members to work towards common goals smoothly. Because integrity allows the management to be responsible and accountable, improves business transparency, effectiveness, performance.

To trace and cure the root causes of all those mismanagement symptoms, managers at all levels need to have integrity, to be truly committed to their team’s success, and be willing to let their teams do the work for generating corporate value, and leads to high mature business management disciplines. Professionals with integrity and expertise can take a new adventure of business initiatives, become accountable to produce good enough results, and reach the next level of professionalism.

Integrity harnesses communication clarity and problem-solving competency:
High-quality professionals observe insightfully, think positively & profoundly, perceive objectively, and act thoughtfully, making sound judgment for improving decision effectiveness and improving professional integrity. So they become more persuasive for communicating with clarity; more trustworthy to lubricate relationships and more respectful by understanding and helping others appropriately.

Professional attitude such as integrity is developed on the basis of one's understanding groomed by environment, education, societal culture, etc. It’s always important to listen & tell via fact-based communication, challenging and concluding positively in terms that the individual/audience understood, at any level of the organization to harness trust and enhance accountability.

The world is diverse, spinning apart, integration, innovation, alignment. harmonization are what brings it together to expedite collective progress. Cross the organizational hierarchy, from top-down to bottom-up, integrity is the cultural theme, the chain of accountabilities needs to be reinforced, to improve collective problem-solving competency and achieve higher than expected business results.


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