Wednesday, January 25, 2023


Being human is -both a condition & a state; mindsets, traits, emotions, attitudes, behaviors…

Being humans,

we should have -

one big advantage -

knowing about -

our own nature;

each one of us has -

an unknown amount of -

creativity, talent, energy,

unknown amount of -

intelligence, knowledge, experience;

when we are authentic,

being who we are,

we can explore -

innate talent,

develop professional strength;

build unique competencies to-

achieve more,


Being human is -

both a condition & a state;

mindsets, traits, emotions,

attitudes, behaviors are-

innate, can be developed,


character and competency are -

two-sides of -

the same coin to -

reveal -

an authentic professional human being.

Humans are -

equipped with -

two strong,

opposite mental forces of-

instinct and intellect.

the intellect portion of -

the mind stands for-

reasoning, human decency,

which is -

right, just,

fair, logical;

instinct comes from -

"gut," experience,

heart feelings,

think fast;

can we integrate -

both forces, seamlessly,

to search for -

the conditions,

allow humans to-

maximize potential,



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