Wednesday, January 18, 2023


Great leadership masterwork mixes art and science, proactively influencing changes and gaining long-term business advantages.

The "VUCA" new normal forces digital leaders to be cautious of barriers and pitfalls on the way, be proactive, and become more innovative. 

Leadership sophistication often implies intelligence, profundity, and uniqueness. Great leaders are optimistic realists to convey vision vividly, be intelligent to decide, be nimble to change , be elastic to scale, be resilient to recover, and be innovative to thrive.

Becoming a cross-boundary leader means you need to have vision, interdisciplinary knowledge, and integral competencies to bridge the difference: The hyperconnectivity nature of digital breaks down the functional, geographical, or even organizational border, businesses today become much nonlinear, interconnected and interdependent than ever. It is excellent to bring digital technologies to this realm, urging a sense of connection. Insightful leadership can make seamless alignment, do intuitive design, orchestrate cross-functional, cross-organizational level of change, have cross-functional team buy-in, reap quick win and long term.

Becoming a cross-boundary leader means you need to have vision to bridge the difference; interdisciplinary knowledge to understand problems holistically; differentiated competency to solve issues innovatively. But that is not to say they will become universal, what works well for one industry may not work for another as far as structure or reporting. The revenue leaders in cross-industrial sectors are the best practitioners for learning agility, strategic flexibility, and risk intelligence.

Becoming an insightful leader to drive changes and catalyze innovation: To develop creativity, it is important to be passionate about learning and growing, because the knowledge you absorb can be abstracted into unique insight and developed into the skill for triggering innovative problem-solving. The state of psychological balance implies the right dose of ego - being both confident and humble. With psychological resilience, business leaders and professionals can have the right dose of risk tolerance for innovation, achieve their professional goals with the heart desire to experience ever deeper fulfillment by realizing and actualizing collective potential.

To avoid being disrupted, business leaders should be cautiously optimistic, set up a prioritization process to remove inefficiency, and change things which really matter for long-term prosperity. Learn about the subject when necessary and then use their leadership qualities to resolve the situation or make effective decisions. of the business. If you have a good change strategy in place, gain the psychological insight of change management, ride above the change curve promptly. Always ask tough questions to collect enough input, by doing so, the team feels that the leader is interested in helping get the work done.

Leadership becomes more progressive to fix existing or emerging problems and make improvement constantly:
Today’s digital leaders and professionals should learn how to “ignore” in order to focus on the most important things, for achieving long-term goals and prosperity. Digital leaders can lead boldly and imagine the mission and business models of tomorrow brilliantly if Information Management is managed effectively to unleash the full digital potential.

Decision-making is one of the most sophisticated activities for business leaders and professionals today, to gain insight into interdependent components, emergent properties, especially at the strategic level, as the outcome of decision making will directly make an impact on the survival or thriving of the business. With leadership effectiveness, the result can be brilliant corporate achievements.

Great leadership masterwork mixes art and science, proactively influencing changes and gaining long-term business advantages. Good leaders are able to apply multiple thinking processes to expand their perspective of circumstances, being hard-working and effortless, self-worth and the worth of others, to lead transformational changes and amplify leadership influence.


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