Monday, January 23, 2023


Are we reaching the deeper level of the “personalization paradigm" with vigilance – focus on authenticity, change, innovation, potentiality exploration, for achieving people-centricity?

The pace of digital paradigm shifts is quickening, with intention to advocate benevolence, value, innovation, courage, wisdom. It is the transformation that is reshaping our thinking and recasting the way we view each other and reimagine a co-shared global society. 

Knowledge-based insight is the most wanted vision to see the world in a holistic way. The insightful leadership, fitting mindsets, and strategic core values are needed to lead a seamless paradigm shift.

Initiate an inspirational shift from complacency to vigilance: By nature, people prefer to stay in the comfort zone, resist to changes; complacency goes hand in glove with the phrases such as " this is how we've always done it." “That’s not the way we do things around here,” “We are different” etc. Complacency is probably the biggest challenge either individuals or organizations have to overcome.

It’s important to break the “Crisis, Response, Improvement, Complacency” cycle and transform complacency to vigilance. So the influential leaders need to keep people awake; keep people engaged; keep people informed. Once that complacency barrier is broken, a positive change process will go smoothly; people are encouraged to think, do things differently, and those complex, subtle practices become ingrained in an organization’s culture in building a vigilant organization.

It’s the sense of urgency to improve leaders' vigilance for driving solid change from incremental improvement to radical breakthrough: Continuous improvement should be the daily effort either for individuals or organizations. You take a base and build upon it, develop professional capabilities to change strongly. Sometimes, change is unnatural activity; leadership vision and inspiration brings a sense of urgency; focus and make an effort to maintain a constant effort and vigilance; so people become more confident, behave properly and in accordance with clearly defined principles.

When the need for significant change is identified, it's more natural to think incremental changes with a few leapfrog will drive more radical breakthrough transformation. So continuous improvement can be defined as a continuum, with smaller improvements being closer to one edge - radical changes being the other edge. People are motivated to make improvements, and get inspired to participate in radical breakthroughs.

The newly established behaviors will be in harmony with the internalized values: Individuals need to constantly learn, refine themselves, make a seamless transformation from “who they are,” to “who they want to be.” Organizational transformation goes a step further and involves the internalization of the new values and conceptual model so that the newly required behaviors don't require the same kind of effort and vigilance.

Organizations require new insight, new technology, new processes, new customers, maybe a new business model to accelerate the speed of changes. All that makes them very risky but on the other hand, you will get very great chances to maximize the growth potential of the organization. The collective mindsets, attitudes, and behaviors will be in harmony with the internalized values to advance human society.

The emergent technologies create a context in which people can collaborate and they are respected, empowered, and share collective wisdom. Are we reaching the deeper level of the “personalization paradigm" with vigilance – focus on authenticity, change, innovation, potentiality exploration, for achieving people-centricity?


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