Tuesday, January 24, 2023


Reinventing business to get digital ready is an evolutionary journey with ups and downs, promises and perils on the way.

Organizations are confronted with rapid changes, blurred boundaries, competitive marketing dynamic, and more selective customers. Digital refinement needs to focus on innovation and people centricity.

 Reinventing business to get digital ready is an evolutionary journey with ups and downs, promises and perils on the way. That requires passion, courage, much more time, energy, experimentation, retreat, and reflection, creating the synergy to strive in “VUCA” reality.

Necessary breakdowns to reinvent a contemporary organization: High-mature people-centric organizations are not the sum of functional pieces, but an integral whole. To break down silos, bureaucracy, and capacity bottlenecks, it’s important to raise everybody’s level of cognitive threshold for gaining deep understanding of change, harness cross functional communication and improve collective accountability. To truly make a concerted effort, know and understand each other and give each other the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. It’s important to know how to strike the right balance, drive an iterative planning and execution continuum, make a stride toward the future and lead their organization to become a competitive differentiator.

With abundant information growth and emerging digital technology, business management needs to become more interdisciplinary; enforce business balance and growth cycle; leverage just-in-time management discipline to reinvent IT-savvy organizations. In order to achieve this, they need to build an analytical roadmap and invest in software, people, and infrastructure, embedding analysis into core business processes, and develop knowledge savvy workforce.

Rebalancing resources and redirecting people to learn, innovate, and achieve for reinventing the business to get digital ready: When resource management becomes a bottleneck for organizational learning, innovation, and business transformation success, no wonder companies across the vertical sectors get stuck at the lower level of business maturity.

An effective resource allocation scenario helps to bridge talent gaps, optimize cost, improves productivity, boosts creativity, and increases the success rate of innovation management. Effective resource management helps to do fact-based planning, understand management in the company scope, facilitate business objectives, responsibility, and needed resources to be successful. You could supervise with control to enforce resource management discipline, but it has to be implemented systematically; transforming the organization into the system approach, not through the command-control hierarchy only.

Surviving and thriving in today’s global dynamic requires structural flexibility, cultural agility and workforce professionalism
: Being innovative and global means to work not only across the geographical or cultural border, but also across knowledge or industrial borders sometimes, creating a highly integrated and highly engaging workforce. The dynamic digital organization needs to be simplified and elaborated in a well-organized effort for adapting to emergent business changes in its own functions, structures, and behaviors. It’s important to harness cross-functional collaboration, optimize inter-relational processes, reduce business friction and deal with conflicts or disruptions continually, reinvent the culture at the different stages of the organizational development

In a fast-growing company, people tend to have similar ideal values that then get manifested in their corporate culture. In order to move up to the next level of organizational maturity, the culture needs to be redesigned for adapting to the emerging digital trend. Reinventing an autonomous and high performance organization is a question of reinventing and reengineering people, process, and technology to orchestrate a self-renewing system which is able to reconfigure its own structure and change its own behavior for driving desired changes dynamically.

Reinventing business to get digital ready is an evolutionary journey with ups and downs, promises and perils on the way. Forethoughtful leaders are well prepared to move into the next phase of digital refinement, with the ability to grasp opportunities timely and handle risks smoothly in order to improve business agility, unlock potential and increase resilience.


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