Tuesday, January 31, 2023


Recognize the right people with right talent, define a common-agreeable set of right principles, processes, practices, identify the right problems and solve them in the right way at the right time.

Organizations across boundaries strive to improve business effectiveness - doing right things; and efficiency- doing things right. It is important for gaining a holistic perspective, garnering good attitude, setting the criteria to define the right mindset, frame the right problems, and provide an information-based right solution for achieving high performance value.

Right people with the right mindset: In face of unprecedented uncertainty and complexity, it is the right timing for changes when there is a static mindset of management and unfit workforce. It’s always important to assess the right people with the right mindset, capabilities, skills, and put them in the right positions for producing high performance results.

People with the right mindset are learning-agile, discerning, innovative, influential, being able to move up toward the next level of cognitive understanding. The right mind is the foundation to build competitive capabilities and motivate them to make change. People can be trained for skills when they have the right mind and positive attitude.

Right problem, being solved in the right ways at the right timing: We live in a world with all sorts of problems; many problems exist because they are not clearly-defined or the concept cannot be captured contextually. Some problems are the symptom; other problems seem irrational as they are caused by people’s emotional reaction to a set of circumstances. Trying to fix the wrong cause of a problem, or solving the wrong problems, will waste time and resources, increase anxiety, and cause more troubles later on.

In the business context, too slow or too fast are as much a problem as backing the wrong disruptive technology or fresh ideas. Even though you have a good intention to solve problems, perhaps you lack the right people with the right talent and capabilities to define the right problems and resolve them smoothly. Make intelligent judgment to ensure the right people are in the right position to solve the right problems in the right way at the right timing. It takes discipline and commitment to stay focused on the real priorities, instead of being distracted by what seems to be more urgent on any given day in order to solve the most critical problems and ensure long-term prosperity.

Right principles, processes or practices: Principles and policies are statements of values; like the compass to guide through the business for moving in the right direction to generate multifaceted value. It’s important to ensure the right things are easy to do, and bad things are hard to do. Good principles define why people make a decision one way or another and the core decision values guide the expected attitude and behavior of individuals within an organization. The right set of ‘rules’ is not for limiting your imagination, but for framing the system to identify opportunities and mitigate risks and make collective progress.

Principle, purpose, and progress are inter-related with each other, should be communicated frequently, and followed uncompromisingly. The purpose of setting principles is to streamline problem-solving logic, enhance business communication, and build an effective workplace in which collaboration and sharing are the norms. Clearly defined principles with specific expected behaviors by top management provides a framework in which the organizations operate, encouraging fitting mindsets, attitudes, and behaviors.

People always look at the world the way they want it to be, so anything that is not matching their way of looking at the outer world, they consider it as wrong, and what’s matching their vision seems right to them. Collectively, in order to run a successful organization and co-shape a progressive society, recognize the right people with right talent, define a common-agreeable set of right principles, processes, practices, identify the right problems and solve them in the right way at the right time.


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