Sunday, January 29, 2023


Global society has enriched knowledge and diverse languages, customs, traditions.

The world is diverse; global leaders and professionals must be open minded to appreciate all sorts of meaningful, tasteful, and informative things cross-boundarily. 

Success in the digital world demands both incremental improvement and transformative breakthrough. It's imperative to deepen understanding of global issues contextually and dealing with common challenges cross-industry or cross-geographical locations smoothly.

Global insight: Global knowledge has enriched context and deep historical roots philosophically, scientifically, religiously. There are north and south, east and west; left and right, top line and bottom line; etc. If you stand at the right angle to see both sides, you know even they are different, but both hold part of the truth in it. It’s always important for setting common criteria to make sound judgment and improve problem-solving effectiveness in the vast global society.

Business leaders and professionals should lay out different thinking structures, gain fresh insight and updated global views to reimagine the global society and solve crucial problems that face humanity effectively. Working in multicultural and global environments and organizations, digital leaders and professionals need to develop their own language, balance standardization vs creativity; candor vs. diplomacy, difference vs complementarity, make the proper framing in order to access the process of understanding each other with profundity for making sound judgments or leading organizations forward in a consistent way.

Global abilities:
The qualities and competencies of global leaders and professionals include such as tolerance of ambiguity, analysis & synthesis, innovation, cultural empathy, learning agility, handling complexity, communicating virtually, and working across cultures. In a more volatile, uncertain, ambiguous and globally distributed, you need a directional guide. Thus, global leaders need to have navigation capacity for ensuring businesses are scanning the external environment and making sure that you’re seeing signals, patterns, and trends that are going to have an impact on your company’s ability to continue to thrive and grow, in the right direction.

Global professionals are learning agile to keep sharpening relevant skills and building global abilities to overcome challenges. A world-class leader with their finger on the pulse of technological advancement or information insight can provide many ideas on how new technology and abundant information can create fresh new opportunities, renovate business models for upcoming organizational expansion and build a reputable global organization.

Global potentiality:
There is no limit to human potential; however, it’s the individual, culture, and society that sets a limit on that unlimited potential. With abundant knowledge only clicks away, unprecedented opportunities and convenience brought by advanced technologies and methodology, what had been previously thought impossible is now accepted as possible. Is the person able to live an authentic life and make the biggest contribution to society according to their specific gifts and passions? How can we push towards the next stage of evolution that enables the large collective of people to think in an advanced manner; communicate empathetically, unleash collective potential to achieve common vision?

The discovery of human nature opens a cognitive window in our psyche to dormant attributes we didn’t know existed. From an societal evolutionary perspective, this is what we humans have always done and will continue doing – exploring our minds and bodies for the latent powers inherent in our genes, and working harmoniously to solve problems smoothly. So individual potential is interwoven into societal potential. It’s always crucial to take an interdisciplinary approach, tapping into the collective potential, generating novel ideas and implementing them effectively.

Global society has enriched knowledge and diverse languages, customs, traditions. Real global societal progress is made through the work of progressive and foreseeable leaders and business professionals who can figure out how to trend the future, capture the great opportunities to unleash collective human potential and build a highly adaptive, intelligent and innovative society.


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