Tuesday, January 17, 2023


People need to practice kindness of thinking and behaviors, and spread kindness to cultivate the culture of trust and respect.

Human society is complex and diverse, the level of societal evolution depends on how kind we can convey benevolent value, make progressive changes psychologically and sociologically.

 Being kind is about learning to abide by nature and let the positive dominate the negative, and keep the positive emotions flowing frictionlessly. It’s always important to connect kindness dots to improve leadership influence and collective wisdom.

Kindness & leadership: Kindness is a healthy and progressive mentality to generate great value, improves leadership effectiveness and performance to co-shape a harmonized human society, Though being kind doesn't mean you can’t make tough decisions or challenge conventional wisdom. The true value of kindness is its consistency, to convey a person’s high quality as a human, high influence as a leader, as well as the benevolent nature as a creature.

Leadership is an influence. Kindness, empathy, and insight are innate differentiating characteristics of leadership. Being kind also doesn't mean you should always take orders or make compromises. Being tough is imperative if only you think it’s the right choice to sow more seeds of kindness for the long run. Great leaders are able to be kind and tough at the same time, as they believe that is the right choice to make effective decisions, and set the positive tone to advance the human world.

Kindness & wisdom:
Real kindness requires a thoughtful mind and good behavior; and having consistent action requires commitment. People who are kind to others should receive the merit and credit for acting or doing something kind as it is more than just a second-nature response, but reflecting your innate value and psychological well being. In fact, being thoughtful and kind makes us move steps further toward wisdom.

Being kind doesn't mean one should give up principles, encourage mediocrity. Kindness is a mindset that has to be put into practice on a daily basis in decision making before it becomes natural for people of all kinds. If you are not committed to the practice of kindness, kindness is more or less a casual action instead of a way of being. Each time we act with kindness, we are also giving a gift to ourselves, developing innate strengths and mental healthiness to become wiser.

Kindness & improvement:
Be kind to yourselves and others as well. To investigate more and more yourself every day, and be authentic. Not knowing ourselves as best as we can, being kind to ourselves and others, how can we do any change and aim for making constant improvement? Hence, kindness is a mindset that has helped you in understanding how you can make a change of self, that will positively reflect on anyone around you, and make collective progress.

An ocean starts with one raindrop, the same as kindness and if a lot of people think and act kindly, we do create a better world in which we will look at common values of humanity. By thinking and acting kindly, not only what we do today will change tomorrow positively but every second and minute charge the one that comes after.

To create a positive change tomorrow, it needs to start today. People need to practice kindness of thinking and behaviors, spread kindness to cultivate the culture of trust and respect, and amplify leadership influence. By setting kindness as one of the principles, they can take their unique path at their own pace to make differences. So collective progress demonstrates the evolution of humanity into a more unified, prosperous and peaceful global society.


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