Sunday, January 22, 2023


If the industrial age is more static and silo based, then the information-abundant digital era is dynamic and informative, customized and influential.

We live in the “VUCA” new normal with varying characteristics such as diversification, ambiguity, and increased flux. Learning agility means keeping mind opening; having skills updated and continuing to build professional capabilities. Nimbleness is about agility, flexibility, and resilience. 

Are we able to communicate accurately; change promptly, influence deeply, and continue the journey of “seeking, experimenting, and innovating,” by applying multidimensional thinking and taking interdisciplinary approaches smoothly?

Ability to communicate accurately
: When a new stage emerges in the progression of society and advance of technology, the continued use of the old paradigm, old-world-view-lens, creates ever-increasing problems. “Lost in translation” is the common pitfall of communication and building trustful relationships. Communication logic needs to be clarified by asking insightful questions such as: why shall we communicate; what's the clear message we should convey? What kind of outcome do we expect to achieve? What’s the fitting communication style to improve persuasion and amplify influence?

There are times and places for each communication format, techniques; effective communication is to convey wisdom. Good communicators articulate; great communicators inspire; creative communicators analogize; wise communicators abstract, with the ability to communicate accurately and build trust solidly.

Ability to change promptly: We are all part of social systems with both individual and collective mindsets, attitudes, and behaviors. We must change the belief that causes the thought and creates the emotion. Once the belief has changed, the reaction will automatically change. We can look at changing our own mindsets in the context of ourselves.

Everyone can take the time to listen to and create some space for us to realign what is important to us. What do we value? What do we want to achieve? How can we change to become a better version of ourselves by riding learning curves and experimenting better ways to do things? A Change Agent has the ability to play the right role and know which to play, how and when. To expedite change, "put the right people in the right positions to lead change seamlessly.”

Ability to make influence deeply: With hyperconnectivity and over-complexity, people and organizations are becoming more interdependent with each other. To "influence" means to be able to shape other people's viewpoints towards your own views or perspectives. Influence is made via sharing, negotiating & exchanging, to get others’ see your point of view, make tradeoffs, enforce trust, harness changes, etc. To influence is to instill passion, recharge energy, and reimagine the future inspirationally.

To influence is to genuinely look, deeply observe, gently touch and gradually permeate, keep our energy flowing, demonstrate intellectual empathy, touch heart and shape the mind to lead forward smoothly. Every profession and role has its unique influence based on insight to understand, confidence to assert, wisdom to negotiate, interdisciplinary knowledge to bridge, courage to break down barriers, uniqueness to keep things fresh. With influential intelligence, contemporary leaders and professionals can inspire, interact, interpret, exemplify, and orchestrate change.

If the industrial age is more static and silo based, then the information-abundant digital era is dynamic, informative, customized and influential. The survival of our whole civilization may depend on whether we can bring about such a shift -from mind shift to structure shift to a paradigm shift. It will depend ultimately, on our ability to experience the wholeness of nature and the art of change in harmony.


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