Wednesday, January 25, 2023


Knowing who you are and how you react and respond in different situations can help you understand and improve the cognitive awareness and assertive actions you take on a day to day basis.

It is amazing what people can do when they see they have a source of all power within themselves, bring greater awareness of intricacies and generate systemic value to accelerate change. People need to keep learning, gain self-awareness and empathy to unlock creative potential and amplify their influence. .

Inner awareness: We are all individuals with different grades of humanness. Knowing who you are or being self-aware, allows you to discover your strength, and become a better human being. It is at the level of the energetic connection between heart and mind that allows people to discover their strength, create synergy, and accelerate their performance. It's all about letting go of the "looking good" syndrome we all have so deeply embedded in us, observing deep, asking logical questions, forecast upcoming change with a certain degree of precision, and have introspective awareness about how to make improvements.

Without experiencing your own inner space, you won’t be able to extend awareness, neither to other individuals nor to that intrapersonal space, which is not tied to a person, but adherence to corporate culture. Collectively, the universe made us unique with individual awareness so that we could find ourselves first and then find each other, and work collaboratively to make a difference.

Anticipatory awareness: There are "human factors" such as irrational, cognitive, or behavioral aspects. We can't and won't be able to manage or predict but by mapping and measuring complex interactions in real-time can gain early warning of possible/plausible negative impact. Therefore, creating awareness of the problem is the first step to making a solution be understood and accepted, realizing.

In the organizational setting. decision-makers have an acute awareness of present contextual variables, try to identify the parts of a system and how those parts are connected. The next level of the business management maturity should be on increasing the anticipatory awareness of the preferred future, in order to unlock performance collectively.

Innovative awareness: Being innovative is the state of mind; it requires internal motivation and self-awareness; it's very personal, and it also takes continuous practice. Human creativity has a quintessential facet with the integration of multiple thought processes. Creativity can start on an unconscious level, and then, when ideas start shaping, it is brought into our conscious awareness. Thus, having a learning curve awareness is ready to be the step one goes through during change when in actuality, they are the steps that come before change can take place.

Everyone has the ability to change their mind, and innovate to a certain degree. Because every person has degrees of both open and closed mindsets in different contexts. We are all works in progress; learning, growing and changing. It is important to consider that having an open mind is a crucial step in becoming more intellectually curious, learning from each other, and embracing the world of difference, in order to connect meaningful dots for spurring innovation.

Knowing who you are and how you react and respond in different situations can help you understand and improve the cognitive awareness and assertive actions you take on a day to day basis, capture unique insight, interact proactively so that the practitioners can exert influence and make appropriate decisions, to improve innovative problem-solving effectively.


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